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eat mine and i'll eat yours

Like the name says... I love to eat pussy and yes, I really do. I do a good job on it too! When I eat someones pussy, I make sure that I'd come back for seconds until I can't take no more! Adultpersonals and sex So unless you've got plans on serving me your pussy on a silver platter, don't talk to me because I am only after one thing.

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I love to work with my hands. Ever since I was a kid I used to take my dad's skillsaw and make a skateboard out of it. Everyday I can I go out to my shop and try to make something for somebody. There's nothing like seeing the expression on someone's face when they see what you made them from nothingI have a 56 year old roommate and he and I are almost alike in every way.

We don't cheat on each other. We do almost everything together. Except he does his job while I do my woodworking

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LIFE IS A TOWER.... Adultpersonals and sex

No such thing as a perfect match. I am looking for someone that I am compatible with. I want someone who has some of the same interest as myself. A person who is able to take care of himself, Adultpersonals and sex express himself, and present himself to me and others

I'm looking for a woman that's totally open with her sexuality. Not at all afraid to try new things.

I love to try almost anything at least once. Sex isn't always everything in a relationship, but it damn sure means an awful lot. If the sex is dull, the relationship will be too. So, I like to keep the sex as new as possible and as good as I can.

I'm looking for a woman who thinks like me and loves sex just as much.

Get naked and have a blast!

I am a very sweet, caring, and physical person. I will do anything for a friend, just cause it makes me feel good. But if you are not into sex, keep on trucking. Adultpersonals and sex someone who wants to have fun, no jealousy.

someone who likes to hang out on my bed all day because she wants too, not because i want her too.

Adultpersonals and sex

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performances... I work, go to school, enjoy the nightlife occasionally, and maintain a busy lifestyle. I consider myself to be a hustler; I do what I have to do, period. If this means puttin myself through the ropes if need be, its worth it.

I take pride in successes made around me and will allow nothing to stop the people in swingers club my life from getting theirs' .

I'm open-minded. I'm looking to meet people to network or for something casual but steady. I don't want to get around, nor desire a serious relationship, but definitely open to seeing where it goes.

She's got to make things happen and know what she wants out of life, not to mention make me laugh.

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I'm 24, and I'm a bartender in Oceanside. I live in Vista with a roommate and pretty much enjoy my whole life. Close with my family, even though they live in Indiana and I only see them about 5 times a year.

But like I said, I'm perfectly happy with where I'm at right now. Just trying to finish up school without any help from anyone and still have some fun. Adultpersonals and sex At this point in my life, I don't think I've found that "type" for me yet.

So seeing as that's the case, I don't think I can yet say what I'm looking for. Just don't be a cheating lieing whore and things should at least be fine for a while.

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Hmmm, 5'9" 155 lbs. Love 2 go out, play pool and hang out with my friends. I'm very outgoing, fun 2 be around, I can be ur best friend or worst enemy. Lol! I'm a natural smart ass, very opionated and can talk smack with the best of them.

If u can't hang don't bother. No offense intended, but I am not in colored men or men under the age of 28 sorry, also not into married men, threesomes or women, so please leave it be.

If u wanna chat that's all fine and good but that's it. I don't 2 much care to IM on here 2 much of a pain. Damn do people ever read these things? I am in a relationship now, have been for a little over a year.

But still love to flirt and chit chat! If that's good 4 u, send me a message. If not good luck finding what ur lookin' 4! Adultpersonals and sex I like tall built or slender men, between the ages of about 28 to 45, with a job.

And don't take it wrong I am not a gold digger by any means, but I ain't looking 2 support a man! Easy going, like 2 have fun and can handle a smart ass like me an not get offended.

U have any questions, just ask I will answer them to the best of my ability. Have a good one! One last thing, if I haven't talked 2 u please don't send me a friends request cuz if I haven't talked 2 u I'm not gonna add u.

I'm not lookin' 2 build up my black book...

Hi, no names just some fun...

I am an attached woman but at the same time would like to try new things...No drama or strings attached... I am outgoing and can be lets have fun..if we hook up and things houston texas wife swap club go right.

.then its highly possible..just want to insure..that I am not looking for any short,long term lovie dovie relationships as I am already in a stable one...thanks..

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To whom ever is concerned, you have opened into Cheryls world. So, leave now if youre not the least bit interestedÁ?◊'ÉųĀ Well let me give you a lil 411 on myself. I am a uniquely fabulous female with an outrageous personality.

Those who know me either love me hard or despise me.. (Better to love and lost than to never love at all).. Ok I used to drive an old 87* Chevy, got me where I had to go and was paid for so no complaints here.

Im not for all those bills.I now am pimpin a $money$ green taurus. I have limited resources right now so no its not sitting up on some rims nor has a system..Boo I know.

But youd ride with me I know it.. I enjoy many, many things, for example; playing pool, clubs, night swimming, playing spades, watching a movie, chilling with my friends and family, walking through the parks or whatever else.

Im easy to please. I spend a lot of free time with my friends, they make me laugh. I love a good comedian! I have no children by the way. All my friends do so I just adopt them for a day here and there.

Thats my form of birth control. However I do one day want children because I do love them, Im kid friendly yes. I just havent found the right man in my life to be a father.

My zodiac is Virgo and I am like it in some ways. Im very nitpicky and organized. So, you will always see my place neat. Please dont try to come over and mess something up, Im not with it at all.

You will get booted out the door very quick. Many of my friends are gay by the way; however yes I am straight (I think) I dont really like females that much do to all there mischievous ways.

So, I love my gay ones because I never will have to worry about them being in bed with my man. You have got to agree on that..ha ha. However I have a couple straight friends and these are the trust worthy group.

All of my girls are diehards though, we go through thick and thin together. Adultpersonals and sex Hmmm, well sorry to the "white" men out there but I don't mess with ya, I love me some "chocolate". So if you ain't working with any mocha, caramel or dark skin please don't get at me.

I know what I want and thats to be pleased, so if your a lazy hall ass, lol.

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