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I'm a layed back chillin guy. I love to laff and to cook. I think life is not worth livin if you cant laff at it. Life is to short to have a stick up your ass all the time. I am a straight man looking for women and women only.

I will have a masters degree in bio-chemical enginering the end of this year. I aint no nerd so dont play your self ya'll. Azdg male and female love google I love when a woman is just as smart as she is beautiful.

I love a phat ass on a short woman. I'm a big dude and nothing I do is gentle so I need some one that can handle it alittle ruff. Im not realy looking for love as much as havin fun and few good laffs, but who can say what can happen in time.

If you ain't old enough to hit the bar you ain't old enough for me to talk to. Sorry ladies its just the way it is.

I luv girls, and girls luv me.....



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Freak in the sheets Azdg male and female love google

I am a big flirt when it comes to being around guys. I like to have fun but only with single men. Looking for some fun for now but Azdg male and female love google also looking for a long term relationship.

Not so bad, but want to be!

We are an attractive, free spirited, fun couple, just looking to be spontaneous and have a good time...We are NOT LOOKING FOR SINGLE MEN!! We are somewhat new to this scene and are ideally looking for attractive/fit single bi or curious females for the obvious! We are also interested in meeting a similar 'couple' who is new to the scene and interested in checking things out with no expectations.

We are open to possibilites if we find a great match and always open to new friendships. Interested in connecting real time.

..No pressure, ever..Just looking to let loose and have a good time. Laid back, spontaneous, attractive/fit females and 'select' couples that enjoy letting loose from time to time. Prefer those close to our age with similar mind set.

Looking for the One is it you?

travel lot for work and I am new to W. PA. I am tired of the bar scene and I am looking for someone who I can finally settle down with. If it happens that is great and if i doesnt well I want to have fun then until it does.

Also don't message me and ask if you can see my pussy, lick Azdg male and female love google my pussy, touch my pussy, or fuck my pussy that is such a turn off. I like real conversation!

nsa sexual meetings Azdg male and female love google

I am pretty good looking. Not a hunk by any means. I am very open swingers club sexually and want to try different things. I am fun and discreet.nsa discreet female. I am interested in all body types from slim to full figured.

Extra pounds turns me on ( but not looking for extremely obese). Can be married or single. My turn ons are dimpled cheeks and button nose. I like all breast sizes.

I love foreplay and spend a lot of time on it.

old wife swap fuck photos

i enjoy cuddling, kissing, hugging, all those romantic things. if you like spook movies, we have something in common. if you like adrenaline rushing events, we have something in common. Azdg male and female love google looking for a real relationship, not something that only lasts for a night, or a few weeks.

not interested if you are already in a relationship.

Can I just have a little bite of yours?

We are very well educated, athletic, lively, creative, fun, sexy couple, disease and drug free couple. We have a very satisfying, intensely sexual relationship. So for us, is for entertainment, even laughs (have you seen some of the people on those cams!?) Both of us are outgoing and exhibitionist, and like to show off from time to time.

When we do, make sure you don't miss the show. In the mean time, join our network, enjoy our pics, and let us know if you found them exciting! Azdg male and female love google Like they say - Discretion is the better part of valor.

Discrete is the key. We aren't on to interact with people we know, our coworkers, our neighbors, our friends, friends of our friends, family of friends, etc.

The beauty of is that you can be naughty and be watched and seen being naughty by people who you'll never interact with, talk to, or see face to face. There is freedom in that anonymity. So if you think you know either one of us outside keep moving.

That is a little too close for comfort.

in search of a sexie pittite woman who can go the distance.

The best way to describe me. Is I live with Passion; purpose;Certainty;Love and growth. I live on my terms. I Love life as I do myself. Every day in every way I better myself only for myself. I am 41 years young, never married, blessed to have experienced so much of life than most can do in 10 lifetimes.

Not much I have not done or tried nor places I have not been. I do not tell this to impress you . only to impress upon you that I speak from experience, Ive known true love , pleasure, wealth power and also hardship.

poverty. and pain that most could not endure.Through swingers club it all I have learned what it takes to have an extraordinary quality of life and true happiness and sucess,it all is in a word (meaning)success without fulfimene is failure.

I am for real so want to know more? contact me and lets see what happens. Ps I ,love women and know how to please them in every way as I always strive to be better than yesterday for me.

am for real. I will change your life . And rock your world in every way . AS that is what I do LIVE WITH PASSION.

......... JERRYI am looking for a woman who loves life as herself . good looking sexie hot who has class and trash . and knows how and when to use them; a woman who an stimulate my mind as well as my body.

A friend in the streets and a freak in the sheets. so if Are in need of a dose of what i have to offer and can keep up and handle me . and look good doing it I AM FOR REAL > I like pettite women with a smoken body and when we make love and have sex can go the distance.

(I AM NOT A WHORE) Nore do I have adult relations with multiple women. I am looking for only one speichel lady whom i can have mad passionate sweaty sexual encounters with as often as we both need it and also be friends.

without all the strings. As I am too bussy raising my twin 7 year old daughters. AS they are my purpose for being.. Passing all I have learned to them so they can Carrie on my teachings.

I have all the love i can handle in them. But I really need a women friend i cad put my whole 10 inches inside as i am tired of only blow jobs as That is all I have had the past few years .

My choice as I will not sleep around. Although I do love oral sex and I am better at eating pussy than most women.(U be the judge) And i am a condersiuer of blow jobs so U must also be good at it ( Ill B the JUDGE) If U are out their please lets chat as I am ready;; i NEED IT BAD:::::: I am the real deal NO GAMES NO BULL> Chose U R Friends wisely as who U hang with is Often who we become.

.Live with PASSION and GOD BLESS JERRY Peace out;

old wife swap fuck photos

I am just looking to see if this site is all its chalked up to be. I guess I want to find someone who can WOW me. Someone who will be able to hang out with me, go bowling, sing some karaoke, and anything else that sounds fun.

Im pretty outgoing, and once you get me going, theres almost no stopping it. Going places like the beach, camping, and outdoors in general is great. Sports, cant forget them ;) Azdg male and female love google I would like someone around my age, and rather close to me(an hour's drive).

I must admit, though, older ladies also catch my gaze. Definitely would love a person who is a goofball like myself, at least so we can joke around, which is prolly my favorite pasttime. If I look like someone youd like to meet, just msg me!

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