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Well what can you say about your self, I'm a pretty easy going person who loves to have fun and relax. I'm also not not likely to make the first move unless that person really does it for me and then watch out.

lol I'm here for no strings SEX and friendships, isn't everyone? I can also be very discreet if u need me to be.I would like to meet some cool friends though cuz to have friends and hang and chat. But don't get me wrong I love to have some fun if you know what I mean ;) I would also love to learn some new things.

I also enjoy being outdoors, sports, family and friends, movies, shopping, (it's not just a girl thing) and cooking. This is just a few but I am game for most anything and will try anything once and I mean anything, catch my drift? I am new to this so if there's any suggestions, or questions please say something.

I have a very high sex drive and would like to find someone with the same, even friends with benifits. so thats y i'm here duh! oh and if your here to just to find friends go to my space! if your here for SEX and friends then it me up.

thats the whole purpose, so i thought. sorry if i affended anyone but thats my opinion on that. I love sex, love to eat the puss, but ladies if it doesnt smell right you aint gettin any.

Come on you know they make special cleaner for you ladies, use then i will be all over it,mmmm lol hope i dont scare you off, because normallay I'm not like this, but it just gets to me when i'm here for a reason and people just say lets be friends.

anyways i love sex and want to eat all the puss i can!! friends are nice but eventullay sex will come up, i'd rather just get it out of the way and this doesnt mean i want to u first and thats it.

its just saying that i like sex!!! and like to talk about. I would love to make new friends, thats what make life fun, and sex.

lol anyways u get it i hope. i like pics to Georgian sex girls dont be alarmed if my messages are very staright forward, i m just saying what i think at the time get to know me and i think youll like me.

I think I am the horniest person I know except maybe one of my buds, and thats a big maybe. I love to give oral, if its clean ladies! I also like to recieve it as well, its like being in a candy store and no speending limits.

. mmmm so sweet. It helps to have a little hair around my mouth to (tickle tickle)lol I like it when a women cums first, just turns me on:) There is so much more but if you want to know more.

.... you got to hit me up to find out. i would tell u about my but theres so many;)

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well let's see..i'm very opinionated, blunt, sarcastic, and open-minded (i've also been told i'm feisty/sassy lol) loves are varied (dirty filthy beats that make me dance, piercings/tattoos, spontaneous road trips, concerts, hookahs, clubs, alcohol, friends, smiling, playgrounds at 2a.

m etc)..I LOVE MY LIFE AND THE WAY I LIVE IT!.. *if you are 11+ years older than me, don't have a pic, or only have pics of your dick/pussy(cuz i still hafta look at your face).

.i will not friend you or talk to you*first of all..i will not meet you/hook up with you/give you my number until i am sure you're not some crazy bitch.

.but you can have my messenger..and in case you haven't figured it out, i am a plus sized female..if i'm not your us both a lot of trouble and just go somewhere else *on a happier note..i love men and women equally! so everyone has a chance lol*

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Georgian sex girls

I'm a little crazy, which makes me a little unpredictable, but I'm still a really nice guy who makes a good friend and/or companion. I like crossword puzzles, computers, and going out pretty much anywhere especially out to eat with someone special.

I can fix just about anything when I put my mind to it as I am super smart and good looking to boot. I have several tattoos, a couple of earrings, and quite a few scars which show how much crap I've really been through.

I don't mind kids, or dogs, but I am allergic to cats even though I have nothing personal against them. I like to travel, read books, and catch a movie once in a while.

I don't drink a lot but a glass, or two, of wine, especially zinfandel is nice to sip with friends while we play a game or just yak up a storm. I also smoke, if you know what I mean, and cigarettes too but I want to quit in the near future.

I don't make New Years resolutions because I make the changes I need to when I need to. Not to toot my own horn but I think I am an interesting person with a quirky sense of humor, a good sense of loyalty, and an honest person who prefers to hear hear the truth and tell it like it is.

Georgian sex girls First and foremost I am looking for someone to be friends with because friendship is a special relationship which I place a high value upon.

I don't have a lot of friends because it seems that a lot of people are only out for themselves and they aren't the kind of people I want to deal with. Also, I am looking for people who I have things in common with.

After all, if we don't have anything in common, we'd have a hard time making connections. As for dating or relationships, I am looking for a woman who does not judge me on my physical appearance, although I am not really all that weird looking, but people look at me and then assume I am what I appear to be but, in truth, I am a really nice person who cares a lot about others.

I really believe that relationships are based on respect and communication. In my experience, I have found that most assumptions turn out to be not true and just contribute to a lot of misunderstandings.

Physically, I am looking for a girl who is similar to myself. They say that blonds have more fun but truthfully, it's what inside that counts, so the who is more important than the what.

If there are questions you can look at the section about me and my interests or just ask as I will tell it like it is as long as I am treated with respect.

Sometimes I can be a little shy when it comes to making friends or starting relationships because I've had to many people let me down. I don't know why people are users and abusers but I am looking for honest and loyal people.

Looking for an erotic adventure. STANDARD MEMBERS CAN CONTACT ME!!!

Clean discreet professional white male looking for adventure and hoping to find the one that can keep me intrigued.Someone open minded and looking for that heart racing thrill of a lifetime.

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names ceara but everybody calls me ceecee. im 18 years young &&looking for fun. ohhh &&my lovin dont come for free =) Georgian sex girls im located in la puente. now..i dont mean to be rude buuutt if you live out of state or far from me dont bother messaging me.

other than that get at me!!

Hi im Pamela and im looking for a hot guy ^_^ Georgian sex girls

Hello guys, Im pamela ^_^ s!mple g!rl with an extraordinary attitude i love to eat but i never get fat (ever) heheh ^_^ i love having lots of friends im unique i can never be you and you can never be me swingers club (ever) peace \m/ rock on guys!!! oh by the way.

.. im interested in meeting guys... so if you have time you can message me ur messengers or pm me on my ym wildseniorita69 or pm me on my msnfunny,gentlemen,smart,glamour and glorious guyss.

.......of course a lil simple maniac

Not looking for ego boost or spam, I really want to meet someone for NSA

Hey there, I'm Robbie. I enjoy fitness including bikram yoga and 'regular' yoga. I stay busy and am not a guy that just hangs out. I am constantly seeking avenues for personal growth. Georgian sex girls WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR ON THIS SITE? I am looking for single ladies for buddy friendship s with no strings attached.

Chance of building a solid future relationsh ip OK, that takes time. I am also looking for couples to enjoy MFM experience s. I enjoy seeing a woman exercising her freedom to be pleasured how she wants.


It's important to be upfront with each other so neither one of us wastes our time and invests any emotional energy. IS AGE AND RACE IMPORTANT? I stated my primary quality above. I am open to ladies of all ages.

I prefer Caucasian, Oriental, and Latinas. HOW DOES YOUR INTEREST IN PERSONAL GROWTH PERTAIN TO THIS SITE? I am willing to take my time in finding the ladies of which I feel positive energy.

Who wants to be pressured on this kind of site? We all want to have fun and have awesome pleasure and sex!

Je recherche

Au lit, j'ai tendance à préférer le sexe hétéro/cochon, avec expérience/autre.En ce qui concerne la forme physique, je fais du sport 4 fois par semaine , et souhaite que mes partenaires de sexe soient de même niveau.

Je Georgian sex girls suis très ouverte a tout ceux qui m'entoure. Je suis extrèment sociable.

old wife swap fuck photos

im a big dude. i stand 6'3" tall. Im also the kind of guy that knows how to treat a girl both in bed and out of it. I likecall girls black white Hispanic Asian there all awesome, but other than that im a fun guy to be around.

i can make you laugh on the drop of a hat.I love music i mean there isnt any part of my day other than the breif minute that im walking out swingers club to my car from work or in the house that i dont have music playing.

my favorite bands and or groups, dj's and singers include: Tool, A perfect Circle, Aphex Twin, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Darude, The Avett Brothers, Bob Dilan, And any others, i love all music.

. also im a photographer so if your interested in getting some pictures done hit me up.hey im just trying to have some fun so hit me up and ill show you whats up

old wife swap fuck photos

I am 19 I am a Secretary at a hospital and I am currently in school to get my LPN license so if you get a BOO BOO I can fix it. I have alot going for myself, I am overweight but I know I am still sexi az hell so if u cant handle a big gurl u might as well click that back button cuz i aint got the time for da haters Georgian sex girls I am looking for the TALL DARK and HANDSOME lol I am going to be real I am a FREAK, it dont get no freakier than me, however I am looking for something serious I dont want a whole bunch of random s and i aint got time for hoes soooo if u messing around ALOT dont even hit me up cuz i am stengy wit my man if u last long enough to get tha goods then i better be the only one getting that, and u would be the only one too then we can explore all kinds of erotic fun but i have to get comfortable with you first so if u r interested hit me up.

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