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I'm looking for you but are you looking for me

Looking to have some fun no strings attachedDont want to be in a relationshipCan Girl from kentucky having sex give details later

Cum in get it everybody!!!

Im a fun and loving person i love being around sexual people people that are always happy and are not mean i like to go clubing with friends and haveing fun sexual expericens want to know more add me as your friend

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lookin for miss right but if i can't find her can i be ur f*ck buddy Girl from kentucky having sex

I'm a good guy with a big heart. Sometimes too big for my own good. I'm laid back, easy going, and down to earth. I was in the military for about 8 years and I just moved back to TX. Damn it feels good to be a texan again! I love hunting, fishing, boating, and anything that has to do with water or the outdoors.

Girl from kentucky having sex lookin for something pretty, clean, wet and pink

what ever is clever

I love meeting new faces in different places I like to party like a rockstar, pornstar, superstar.I need a real man that isnt afraid to show a women a good time!!!!

No strings.. just fun

Just tryin to make some new friends and have alil fun while doing it. jayover11 Girl from kentucky having sex lookin for some peeps to party with and take to the lake on the weekends

Bronx Puerto Rican 27 Bi. Fem. seeking another woman Girl from kentucky having sex

we are a couple seeking another woman , i am 29 and he is 27, we are new to this and we love to experience and open to many things . My hubby is quite the swingers club shy one . We are Puerto Rican from Bronx NY I on the other hand i love my sexy woman and love to eat pussy and i would love to see my man get down .

Aa woman who is open minded respectful and clean who like to have a good time and is into 3sum. should be real and hornest would possibly be friends with strings .


fun & Sex

Romantic,Loving,Honest.Fun.Sincere,I cannot reply back to you on cause they want more money after i have paid.They have cancel my account after i have paid them 3 times. So i am unable to reply back to your e-mails.

So e-mail me at . My e-mail is Girl from kentucky having sex Love alot of TLC and johnniejackson1099at dot com

De L'Audace, Encore De L'Audace, Et Toujours De L'Audace

A very hard working (55+ hrs} person ,with no time or paitence for games. I enjoy interesting people and learning new things. I like to go out dressed up for a elegent evening or just wear jeans and have a beer.

I am not a sugar daddy. If all you want is a "generous man, I'm not him. I'm 46 and work a very physical job. I'm not slim or athletic. I have a little extra girth around the middle, but I'm not fat.

I can still do every thing I could when I was 20. I'm just not as fast as I once was. That can be a good thing. I am not stupid. I have a brain, I can use the right piece of cutlery at a fancy supper.

I am very well read and I clean up very well. Like the saying goes; "Don't judge a book by it's cover". I am "Old Fashioned" in many ways. I always hold the door, hold your chair, walk on the outside of the sidewalk and I'll walk you to your door or car.

Chivalry is not dead it's just not taught any more. I'll even hold your purse while you are shopping. Just don't ask what I think of something your wearing unless you want a honest answer.

Because if you look like in it, I'll say you look like in it. I'm a smart ass and not very P.C. I try not to offend, but hey, sometimes my mouth over rides my brain.

Girl from kentucky having sex Some one who acts like a princess, but wants to be treated like a porn star. A strong woman who is submissive. Who is interested in new things. I have pictures up, so if you want me to respond please have some too.

I'm here to meet woman, that's a given. I want to get to know you first. If I want to get laid that's easy. I would prefer to meet and get to know you first.

Sex is so much better if you know your partner(s) first. I'm not the prettiest man you'll ever meet, but I do know how to treat a lady both in and out of the bedroom. If you are married or living with someone, I'm not interested.

I've been seperated for 7 years and she lives in eastern WA. So there are no complications on my end. I just don't need to deal with a spouse or boyfriend who is upset because I'm with his woman.

I really don't care if you look like a monkey was throwing coconuts from a tree at you. Just no games and no drama. I won't deal with either. If you leave me a message I will respond.

If you want to be my friend, talk to me first. I won't put you in my friends list with out knowing you. Don't put up or send photos of when you were 19 and expect me to believe that you look like that at 50.

Be honest with me and I'll be honest with you.

someone for some fun with a twist of kink.

I'm a shy / well not really man who has put away on the shelve for to long, you know the old saying -use it or loose it . i hope not. I have just not got-en out very swingers club much sense i moved here.

I am very picky and set in my ways (this is part of my problem). it's been A very long drought, and IT has got to come to a END. NOW!!I have always gone for strong petite females that could hold her own with me.

she's got to be into sex. A LOT OF SEX. she's got "not" mind staying at home watching TV and cuddling up with me . I'm a good cook ,in the kitchen & in the bedroom!!! at least i use to be

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If you're a shy one, you probably shouldn't contact me. In the past twelve months, I've been caught in a rockslide, arrested by a drunken cop in Italy, rendezvoused with an old girlfriend in Europe, and been shot at while on vacation in Egypt.

Seriously. Okay, I'm lying about ONE of them. For me, time is like money. It's not about how you save it that's important - it's how you spend it. The meaning of life is fun.

I love travelling, and women with accents - if you don't have one you can pretend ;). I just spent the summer living and working in Italy. I'm interested in meeting girls from outside of Toronto as well.

My lifestyle is strongly influenced by the Italians - good wines, rich foods, an interest in culture, and a true understanding of enjoyment. If you can relate to that, you don't need to worry about anything else.

I'm currently a student at York U, and I'm on here because it looks fun... Plus, it keeps my life spicy ;) As the Italians say... "Bienvenuto alla Dolce Vita" Girl from kentucky having sex My life is full of new experiences, and that's how I like it.

If you're a person who makes the most of every moment - whether it's jumping off a waterfall in the middle of a jungle, or just cuddling by the fire - it already tells me a LOT of good things about who you are.

As long as you can add some good times to my life, I'm willing to add some good times to yours. At the end of the day I love all women, and if you think we'll have fun together, then that's all you need to worry about.


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