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We are a bi/bi-curious couple who are looking for other similar couples or singles for friendship and sensual play. We are open minded and non-pushy. We respect the sanctity of other relationships and expect the same in return.

We are intelligent and humorous. Both are surgically safe and shaved smooth. We love toys too. Indian hosewife porn We are looking for other people near our ages who are sexually open minded, nonjudgemental, sensual, respectful, clean and disease free.

We prefe clean shaven playmates (yes there too). Humor and good conversation skills are nice too.

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Looking for Company. Send email with info. Hi I realy want to try something different, yes im your ordinary average guy however... I do things out of the normal. Get to know me and you find a one of a kind fun loving caring guy.

Ever watched the movie the ugly truth. Well im not that guy. Im the other guy. But i love women, I love cute and cuddly fuzy things. LIke dogs and cats. And by the way Did I mention I am single.

Just kiddn im single but not cocky. Please drop a line if your interested. I relize i may not be Brad Pit, but i do keep my self clean trim and proper. Well gotta go ladies. Love ya all.This is new for me.

Lets talk. Hmm dont know what else to write here.

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Indian hosewife porn

i aiin't gett'n on here to bulls!# none-ya'all fine beautiful women!!!! i'm a nobody,who at one time thought i was everythang,too cocky,s!#-talking,wanna-be-gangbang'n fool...feel-me???? i've been thru alot an realized nobody likes the asshole.

.so i've done a-lot of growing up...i'm a man now women..and would love to share....big-hugs...sensual kisses...listening ear...body at the club.

..fine-dinning...and of course 69'n(juss keepin it real-ha!!) if you like what u hear....hit me up!!!! Indian hosewife porn find that gurllll!!! who juss wants to chill...go on vacations....movies....clubbing.....wendover,(for u in utah)to try our luck!!. know who you hit me up!!!! ya only live once...feel-me??? i love all ya-all women, so let's do this...bammz

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We are a couple in the capital hts. Md area looking for like minded people for safe sexsual fun.

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I am tall and in great shape. I am in the army and like to think I am charming and romantic. I have a degree in business. I like doing physical things 24/7 and I am down for fun whenever and wherever I may be.

I am playful and fun loving. I treat the girl I am with like she is the only one in the world. I like to camp and travel. Indian hosewife porn I am here to have a little fun and try something new

Hey guys. Single woman looking for a hook up. Indian hosewife porn

I am a loving woman who is ready to share her love. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, drinking, houston texas wife swap club shooting pool, and just having a good time. I even sometimes like to enjoy just relaxing at home.

Hey guys or girls just on here looking for a normal down to earth person to get to know. Maybe hook up sometime and get to know each other. I enjoy rock/heavy metal music, I love people with peircings and tattoos, and just want to find someone decent to talk to.

hello, just looking around

Just killing time. I'm waiting for him to arrive.I'm in the mood for a little devil to lead me astray.I'm not changing my life, I'm just trying to make it more interesting.I've always been Indian hosewife porn good at taking things apart and putting them back together.

Horny, Healthy and Wealthy............Standard can contact.

Secure, sexy, professional and attractive man in DFW area, looking for attractive female for a good time for both of us. Intimate sessions are usually lengthy with lots of foreplay and communication of what we each enjoy.

Not looking for a long term relationship, but not looking for one night stands either. Something regular that we both enjoy would be ideal Great flexible job allows for day or night play.

Face pics are in my network. Standard members can contact. Indian hosewife porn Looking for attractive female that wants to have fun. A woman that enjoys talking, sharing and laughing, yet is caring and adventuresome between the sheets.

Here I am there is no more!

Here it goes. I always feel like I should be typing up a resume on these things. You know a list of my qualifications, skills, abilities and highlights. If that was the case though I think it would be a little easier.

They need to have those for future FWB's . "Please submit application here" lol. If only things could be that easy, right? Anyways since i dont know what else to write Im going to tell you exactly what Im looking for.

No, Im kidding! But this is a list things that you must be capable of or atlease attempt.Im looking for someone that can look past all my flaws and find the things that really matter.

Like being able to think for youself and having a kind heart or even being a total freak. I also want someone that's willing to take the time to get to know me, and no I dont mean A date or A talk on the phone.

I mean really get to know me. Im a very unique individual and worth getting to know. I have alot to offer those that are willing to take the time. Other than that the only other important highlight or qualification you need is to HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR! Oh yeah and also I can understand swingers club people being religious but I am not one to preach and try to convince people to believe what I believe so please dont be that way with me.

I will not convert so dont expect it now or later down the road.Ok so if you have made it this far here is a little about me.

Im 5'10 to 6' Different places say different things. Either way I'm tall for a girl. I consider myself to be a BBW but some other people say Im not big enough to claim that. But who cares what they say.

Im a single mother of three kids. They are my world so please keep in mind Im not always available to jump at a spontanious date. Im a very sarcastic and opinionated person. Which some can handle and others cant to each their own.

Im a very kind hearted person and I avoid confrontation at all cost. But note this. I will not hesitate to stand up for myself if I feel the need to. Other than that I love to sing music is my vice , hobby and passion.

I hope anyone that made it this far is understanding about what I put. Take the time to get to know me I have so much to give, if nothing more than just a friend its still worth it.

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i like partying with my beezy's , i love camping and going to the dunes i got my own bike.but i haven't been for a while so lets go on a adventure. i am open to new things and if i don't like it then at least i can say i tried it and learn from expeirences.

Indian hosewife porn i like men and love lady's i have never dated a girl just played around so if i interest you at all let me know :)

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