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I'm single and gonna stay that way until the right one comes along! I like it how I do and if she cain't handle it, that's too baddddddddddd! Kalispell suck cock I love women, no games, no bull women! I don't have a problem eating pussy, but I love to stick my finger's in a women's ass, especially if she has an exceptionally nice ass.

Anal sex is a must!If you ain't swallowin' we waistin' each others time. Age ain't nuttin' but a number, but she got to be legal, and capable of holding an intelligent conversation. Ethnicity isn't really important! Bi-sexual women, welcome.

I cain't be there all the time! No men, or transexuals!

Prelude to an orgasm...

Isn't this part always the most pleasant? And if I spend all this time pouring out my thoughts… will it really get read? Probably not… but what the hell, I’m bored. We are a sickeningly happy, totally free of drama couple, with you guessed it.

.. a fierce appetite for all manners of sex. We’ve been at this lifestyle for a year now and have had too much fun to talk about, and met some great people along the way… met some bullshit no shows too.

So if you’re a bullshit artist, for the love of gawd, stop reading now and move on… I don’t have the patience for it. Nothing is worse than a guy texting me and getting me all horned up and my Honey all horned up.

.. and then not showing. We have plenty of pics and will share, please be willing to do the same, cam time earns your extra cool points. She loves a luscious naked female in her bed just as much as a lusty man with a hard cock… We’ve moved on from seeking quantity and are ready for quality, a change of pace if you will, not to say that I’m not open to intermittent one night stands, but we would like to find playmates for in and out of the bedroom fun.

Watch some football, soak in the pool and then heat up the sheets when the kiddos go to bed. We would like to try branching out to couples, I (she) am open to meeting alone for playtime, (pics.

cam and comfort providing.) Not to say that we aren’t still welcome to single guys or girls…. We just won’t be focusing our attention down that avenue as we have in the past. As well he would like me to have a boy-toy on the side.

So if you’ve made it through my small dissertation and it’s held your interest, then send me a message… and let’s see where it goes. Happy Hunting! ‘MHers In a guy: Height and weight proportionate preferred, I do like a man with a little bit of meat on him though, the taller the better.

I am by no means submissive...but I do not dominate either, please be the same. In a girl: Outgoing, not easily offended, NO DRAMA, NO ISSUES, laid back and loves to have a good time with no hang ups or stringsSomeone that I can hang out with at a bar, or around the house with a few beers.

HisNormal person that is as experimental and as curious as we are. I am looking for someone who would consider trying anything once.

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Im a beautiful woman that loves sex and will love to get laid Kalispell suck cock werever and wenever



hi i am new at this i am not sure what to type here

i just wanted to see what this was all like i want to find my true sexual ways on the internet so when i am done doing it all on Kalispell suck cock here i can really try it all experimenting

Kalispell suck cock

I am an honest guy looking for some new experiences and new people. I love to have a good time, I live life very spontaniously. swingers club Skiing is a huge part of my life in the winter months.

In the summer love to ride motocross and get a lil dirty.My would be full of pleasure reaching only the highest levels of sexual extasy, i love to have fun! Im always down for new things.

Looking to explore my wild side

I am a clean, professional, D/D free male with an insatiable sex appetite. Kalispell suck cock A couple or a man or woman who is somewhat new at this lifestyle and/or willing to make me feel more at ease.

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Where to start... I have had a change in my life. just want to get out there and meet new ppl. I work very hard for what I want. I'm one of the sweetest guys you will ever talk to. "in less you piss me off" I like to do things outside or just stay at home and watch movies all night holding someone by my side.

I believe in trying something new at least one time. I mean you only live once so try it out Kalispell suck cock really I don't have much of a preference. I'm just looking to meet someone who is not a liar or a bitch lol

old wife swap fuck photos

Just ask at vinniemasterdriver subject: . vinnie1963 Love is blind, lust has eyes. Love is day, lust is the night. Love speaks the truth, lust swingers club can just lay silent.

Love need not be beautiful but lust makes it a requisite. Love may abstain, but lust cannot. Love comes and goes, but lust is ever present.just ask me. IM vinniemasterdriver

old wife swap fuck photos

IM on point with everything i do. I have everything i want and i love life. i just want something real in my life no games. Everywhere i look on this bull it anit nothin but games hell i should've went on my space with all the teen boppers.

if u wanta play games go buy ur self a xbox or a psp. I love to love and i wanta be loved Well thats a lie noone on here want that they just wanta . Look cool nigga just say that stop feeding lies be real about and say what the hell you want.


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