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Fun loving, daft and dangerous interested in meeting girls for just a giggle and a drink leading towards something more; or just to get straight in depending on the mood! I am successful, confident and very addictive.

My kisses are legendary you will want more! Pick you up in my Rolls Royce or VW Camper or rendezvous for Champers at The St.Pauls! Lesbian wife photo Should be younger than me quite a bit if possible (or stunning and immature if not).

I don't care what height, colour, hair colour, boob size or anything else as long as you are a lovely person sexy, fit and horny and fancy a laugh. Not interested in anyone too far away from Sheffield itself.

Hot horny housewife

Petite good looking MILF in search of some fun! Very open to exploring my wilder sexual nature with like minded people. Am spontaneous and enjoy a good adventure. Husband interested in joining me, BUT this is about me, NOT him.

Enjoy women, men or a combination of both. Need to meet in public to see if there is an attraction. May play on 1st meet. Enjoy quick, explicit, naughty encounters. Get together, no chit-chat just SEX! No BBW's please and no African Americans please.

......just not my cup-o'-tea. If a man, you MUST be hard and ready for action. If a woman, you must be petite, soft and gentle.

I cannot meet during the week days unless of course you are a drop dead gorgeous hunk, then I may have to call in sick! You MUST be able to share a clear g-rated face picture at some point before we meet.

I can't waste my time meeting every Tom, Dick, and Harry (tom's harry dick..LOL had to say that) out there if all I have to base the meeting on is no pic or a dick pic. I don't care what your dick looks like as long as you've got one! Much more interested in the face, the body a close second, and the cock a dead last.

Only looking for some fun with fun people that I am ATTRACTED to...can't tell if I am attracted unless I see a pic! Once I see the pic, if you don't hear back from me.

....I am not interested. I only get so many email responses allowed a standard member in one day. Enough bitching....send me face pics!

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moved to rome georgia!!! Lesbian wife photo

I'm a freak... i'll basically try anything once.. multiple times if i like it. I'm looking for a guy who enjoys sex just as much as I do and I prefer them to be single that way if anything evolves then we can just go from there! NO GUYS OVER 30 PLEASE! And the reason i say that is because i DO NOT do the whole no strings attached thing and want someone around my age so that a relationship can form.

..yes i want a relationship and please if you are old enough to be my father or grandfather then don't even bother replying! AND I WILL Lesbian wife photo NOT CYBER! Sorry if i seem like a bitch but guys i know what i want and im tired of getting messages from ppl that dont fit what i want so read the profile before hand please

The message is simple

1. Reflective- dragon flies skimming over the water to take a sip are marvels if we slow down to appreciate them. 2. Passionate- militant advocate for my desires whether personal, emotional, sensual, or social. 3.

Sympathetic/empathetic- capable of comprehending the condition of my lover and respond accordingly. 4. Uninhibited- freely express my inner desires. 5. All of the intelligences: thinking, speaking, listening, acting, cooperating, and making.

6. Problem solver- how shall we get this done together? Where do we go from here? Why is that? What is your vision? 7. Listener- tell me about it? Or in this case, tell me about what happiness is for you.

8. Comedic- I can find humor in many things. See #10 below. 9. In touch with my hard, darker side and romantically devout. Whether it be your hair wrapped around my fist to expose your delectable neck, or your soft voice so close to me.

See, the passionate component in communication with the other sides. 10. Creative. Role playing including but not limited to female police officer and perturbed motorist: You, ?'"step out of the car, please.

?'? Me, ?'"what?'"?s the problem officer??'? You, ?'"you?'"?re speeding.?'? Me, ?'"what?'"?s the speed limit??'? You, ?'"30.?'? Me, ?'"how fast was I going??'? You, ?'"90.

Put your hands on the car.?'? (This is not an exclusive list. A joint list with you may be appropriate) My flaws (can't just talk about the good points to the exclusion of reality): I can be disorganized; there are just too many projects that must be completed at this time.

Sometimes I make mistakes because I am overwhelmed. I arrive late sometimes. Not because I don't respect others but because I space out. I compensate by calling ahead. I have a lot of questions, but not a lot of answers.

If I seem like I don't understand you, check in and let me know what I'm missing. If it seems like I'm not doing something right, let me know so I can fix it.A creative, spontaneous, and expressive woman is precious.

I am not interested in whether you ski or collect antiques. Those are consumer goods and consumer activities. They are no substitute for your lover and no substitute for making love to your lover.

Hopefully, you are in touch. In touch with the world around you. In touch with the soul within you. In touch with the ways that we could make each other happy.

Looking for new experiences.

We are a happily married couple with a great sex life looking to make it better. He is a good looking guy with an overactive sex drive and she is a hot, tall and slender woman with perfect 34dd's and a perfect ass.

We are Lesbian wife photo looking to do some experimantation with another straight man or couple.

Lookin to please. Lookin to lick. Lesbian wife photo

I'm 52, 6'. 170#, reasonably sane and swingers club very safe and discreet. Can host or travel.Looking for a good man who wants some safe and discreet oral service and fun. No strings, just a good time.

Hello Singles and Seeking Filipina Here

Hi welcome to my profile. I have long hair, petite, nice smile. Im easy going, fun to be with, easy to approach. Im very understanding, responsible,loving, honest and loyal. I hope you have the same qualities that ive looking in a man.

Interested? Lesbian wife photo Come, i tell you more about myself im looking for a long and serious commitment.

Who wants to see if we can hit it off?

The world is a bore full of death and disease, and we dance on the edge of distruction. The globe's getting warmer by deadly degrees, and this is one ed up seduction. This planet is pretty much broken beyond all repare.

..but one thing is working if you're standing there. Perfect for you...I could be perfect for you. I might be lazy, a loner, a bit of a stoner, it's true; but I might be perfect...I'll make myself perfect, perfect for you.

You square all the corners, I'll straighten the curves. You've got some nerve, and I'm just all nerves. But even if everything else turns to dirt, we'll be the one thing in this world that wont hurt.

I can't fix what's ed up, but one thing I know I can do...I can be perfect for you. Lesbian wife photo Perfect for you...I will be perfect for you. So you could go crazy, or I could go crazy, it's true.

Sometimes life is insane, but crazy I know I can do; cause crazy perfect, and ed up is perfect, so I will be perfect...perfect for you.

Wanting to have fun

Most of my friends tell me that i am pretty easy swingers club going and i think of others before myself

great 2 way or 3 way sex

I'm 34 years young, in my prime, 6'4, tall thin an fit blue eyed wonder... Open-minded, an happy go lucky, trucker as you can see, I'm the baddest trucker f-cker this side of L.A. Ladys, if you're lookin for a fun or someone to settle down with, here I am, please, first cum first serve.

..Once I'm taken, that will be it! Lesbian wife photo I'm looking for what ever your lookin for. Any couples want a second swing'in .

.. Or any of you tak'in women just want a , I won't f-ck'in tell! What I would REALLY like thow, would be to find a really hot sexxy young FIT an healthy (non smoker an non drinker) chick to settle down with, an give her all that i have.


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