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I love sex. I know you do too.

I'm a single, athletic, man that likes to stay active. I'm a laid-back "southern gentleman," but I'm very assertive when it comes to what I want. No bull, no games and no drama... Local sex women in brent I'm 100% single (no wife, girlfriend or baby mama) and interested in meeting new people.

I'm looking for an open-minded woman that isn't afraid to go after what she wants. So, if you're a cool, down-to-earth and not scared to live your life to the fullest you should hit me up.

Sit on my face so I can hear you moan!

WILLING to try about anything!I love Video Games, art, moddles,movies,green ciggarettes,and adventerous people who'll lead the way to exciting endevours.I'm very comfortable spending weeks at my house lounging and relaxing after work and also spending weeks on end trying new things and meeting new people or a good mix inbetween.

I'd like to find a steady, or occasional fun person whos ready to settle down but not in the typical white picket fence way,more like the eclectic backwoodsy way.I love anything to do with science and history.

The ability to heve a deep conversation and strong opinions/convictions really turns me on.4 private person to person email me at s c s a d m i n 1 0 1 h o t m a i l . c o mIf your phishing move on, don't want another pay account,just want some thing new, and not crazy(as in the person)I like a girl who knows what she wants, enjoys the company of others but also like "alone time", not to big on bars and doesn't need money to have a good time, creativity is a must(i can be boring without ideas:).

I like phone conversations too so dont hesitate to ask 4 my number!

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Local sex women in brent

I don't want a serious relationship "Primarily",Friends w/benefits or simply friends.I am open-minded,easygoing,fun,honest,caring,and trustworthy person.If you have a high sex drive,are kinky,naughty,or simply love sex then we are half way there!!.

So don't be shy,theres no tellin what might become of it. Local sex women in brent First,must share same qualities-Fun,Loves Sex,Open-minded,Fun.I prefer petite to average girls(A "LITTLE" cush)is o.

k.I'm no Mr.Atlas,but,I could be with(a"LITTLE")work,or play,if I may.

just sex,nsa no drama!!!

im a busy guy that works alot but still like to play once in a while!!im looking for a girl that i can wine dine a 69!!i love doing nice things and dont mind spending money to have fun!!anything spontaneous is a blast!!anyways hope i find somebody exciting on here!!!i m looking for a girl that i can take out a few times a week or month and get some dinner and drinks on a casual night.

im not really attracted to girls my age.kinda looking in the 18-28 range that knows how to take care of a man.i like to spend a little money and dont mind helping out once in a while either.

im not looking for a druggie either.

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Hi! My name is Melissa and I am currently in school at IvyTech College. My studies are criminal justice and accounting. I am a mom of one and enjoy it! I like to read, write, draw, listen to music, meet new people and have a good time.

Local sex women in brent I am honestly not on here for a . I want to find a relationship that I can call my own... I dont share well so I am not into group sex. I want a 100% honest man that will treat me well! No little boys please.

I am very fun and love to laugh and I want the same in my man. I would love to get a message if you fit in this catagorey so hit me up! Also it is easier to get ahold of me on so look me up by my email xxxmissatinkxxx @ ya h

Just want to have fun Local sex women in brent

and will be ~~~~~Seeking discret fun. Bi curious. swingers club I love men but women intrigue me. I have never done more than kiss a woman but I would love to test the waters with someone ready to lead the way.

old wife swap fuck photos

I'm comfortable and confident, with a free spirited personality. I love my dog and he is with me everywhere-I live without stress, and don't really worry about what people think of me. I am a little wild but it is mostly entertaining.

I love cooking with friends- eating great food- laughing out loud- dancing (although my friends say I can't)-having a lazy day in bed- playing golf- just being in my backyard at sunset- pretty much any thing that gets me outside- movies- books- I sometimes act like an Idiot ( hey I'm a guy!)- I'm definitely not shy, a little raunchy but only after I know you can tell I'm not being too serious- don't mind being called a big dork- I smoke ,( chocolate cigars) I don't know why I like 'em so much(they go well with scotch) but I don't use cigarettes-I can sit around and read a book in a day if the mood is right or catch a wild hair and build shelves too put it on- I get excited when learning or doing something new- lived many GREAT years in Colorado and am back to be closer to my family - dig children and get along well with them- I do want a family of my own but I need to be a little further along my career path( I wanna be able to focus more on them than my job)- grew up in the south so I'm all about getting and receiving respect- won't stand for jealousy or deceit in my life-looking to make new and lasting friendships Local sex women in brent A woman who enjoys life, and laughing- Has a good time and doesn't worry if there are people watching, whatever she is doing- loves food with no fears of anything new or exotic- willing to try anything once- knows when to put on makeup but is comfortable without it- can curl up around a good book(and me) on the couch or go honky tonkin all night every now and then- can handle a couple nights in the back country camping or fight her way through a two-4-one sale at the mall- gotta love animals (as pets or food)- wants a family, but doesn't need to be in a rush- likes adventure, but can also just sit around on the front porch and watch people walk by all day- can talk about anything but is relaxed enough to have companionable silence and just enjoy being near someone she feels comfortable with- doesn't mind hangin out with a big dork- doesn't need to be a super model, but has to be health conscience- who is always painfully honest and will let me know when I'm being an Idiot

Just looking fun!!!!

Looking for fun with girls and guys. I am married and husband likes to watch or participate. We enjoy 3somes and just having fun, we both smoke and drink a little so if that bothers you then please move on.

Younger guys and girls get special consideration. Local sex women in brent Someone funny and likes to kick back and relax, no offense to anyone but prefer to play within my own race.

Ras HardBoDy...sexual extraordinaire...

ex Model now a graphic design student got my ish together!!! a car the whole nine..."I Live My Life a Quarter Mile at a Time".... love life and lookin for more fun out houston texas wife swap club of it.

. like to party go to movies social drinker not a smoker never was 9.9 out of 10 never will be and single HOLLA AT MEEH for any more details hit me up on A*I*M rasdagodFREAK!...anything else u wanna know just ask .

..don't be scared

Im as Real as They Get

I alway hear stop, no, and don't. Just not in that order. On a Real note Im just a regular guy looking to find a normal chick who aint all about a niggas money. I make my money you make yours. Im not a charity case.

I want to meet a chick who has her air tight. Not one whos looking for my money. Feel meh! Local sex women in brent need a friend. New to Phoenix and I work and live by my self.

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