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looking for a sexy woman to help me explore my fantasies......

i am looking for women only!!!! no guys... or couples.... Long island horny ladies one sexual fantasy i've always had was to have a women have sex with me while my husband watches,i would like to explore my fantasies but be discreet about it at the same time.

i like a lot of foreplay as a woman, and am willing to try out new things, toys, etc... i am looking for a clean sexy woman to taech me a thing or two about what it feels like to be with a woman.

it would be nice to include my husband

im a crzy chic

well im a divorced chic with a 2 yr old that lives in small ass hobart. i like to go danceing at a club thats called vallarta club but sum peeps knw it as shreks.

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Every Morning I hop up out the bed and turn my swag on...look in the mirror say wassup... Long island horny ladies

Probally the most unique guy you will meet...I like smaller women but sexy is good no matter what size...I'm sure you would find me intriguing and something different. I'm AU Grad and got my MBA from Troy State and I'm a Que(Omega Psi Phi).

Hit me up...if you think you are ready to expand to something you've never seen before. I have a foot fetish if you don't have pretty's ok just get them fixed.

If you take care of the least important part of your body I'm sure you take care of the rest!!! Long island horny ladies I'm looking for something special no matter how it comes...mentally, physically, sexually, or emotionally.

If it turns to something else so be it. And yes my tongue is REAL...LOL

Happily married, but looking 4 fun r u the 1

I prefer one on one sex but am willing to try two men, only with the right men. I dont mind any size of your tool as long as you know how to use it. must be shaved and clean. I'm trying to convince my husband to join in, theres a pic of my husbands cock for u ladies to look at, he's 5'7" 180 lbs.

He's 40, and has an average size cock, and he's uncut, if u want to try him, I can watch or join in on the fun, u decide ladies, lol to all.

4 u stupid women out there average cock 6.5" length and 6" thick thats average I did not say long dong silver, just because your man has a big cock doesnt mean they can last more than 3 hrs of none stop fucking.

Ive been with men with 10" plus and 7" plus ive been there, so stop talking about length if ur man cant last at least 4 hrs of none stop fucking then I quess u dont have a real man, this is something 4 u ladies out there to think about, by the way my man is a man and I'm glad that he can use his tool very well and he stays very hard after he cums, so stop bragging and enjoy.

Dont know yet? All I want is sex with the right man. The right man must also be respectful because I'm happily married, so he must be patient.

Horny Always

I am a attractive blond (real one you will see) that is looking now. I caught my husband cheating on me a couple of months ago and now all is fair in love and war. I want a man but I would also like to try with a woman to.

LOL Long island horny ladies Someone that can do what they say they can do and much more. I want a man or woman that enjoys recieving oral sex as much as giving it, this is my favorite. I have not been with a woman but I want to try.

I want to know if the clit will taste as good in my mouth as a %$#@ does, because I love the taste of that.

Long island horny ladies

my name is Paige, and i am BI-SEXUAL, to be honest, i am new to this whole BI thing, and i have only had one girlfriend, and all we did was hold hands and kiss a little. i love to laugh, and i want someone i can talk swingers club to.

.. a friend to start with and if it leads to more, than so be it, i love to hang out and am very laid back. I smoke cigarettes, drink sometimes. I am a little chubby, so if u dont like what u see, than move oni want a friend, and if it leads to more, than it does.

someone who can laugh with me, who is NOT fake. someone i can hang with, and also stay home and watch a movie. i dont care what size u are, its the personality that matters, and that i believe truely.

anyways.. if u wanna get to know me, let me know, thanks

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship...with benefits!

Being relatively new to GA, I want to explore all aspects of life with like minded people. I am 5'4", 185lbs, voluptuous, raven haired, exotic beauty who is highly educated and well mannered where to help people is natural and to hurt people is just plain cruel and selfish.

Looking Long island horny ladies for friends with like education and values for fun play and all types of activities.

uncivileyes at the g mail

The long hair is a joke, its fake lol but I loved wearing it. It was so much fun! Hit me up at uncivileyes at the g mail! Long island horny ladies Looking for girls who enjoy what a talented lover can do for them.

Girls looking for couples send a message my way ;)

I'm Bri. I'm brutally honest, I really hate the human race, my mother is a superhero, she goes by the name of "Super Bitch." My father is a white trash asshole. So that would make me a Bitchy piece of trash.

I read books that are about exploring my sex life. I watch movies with brutal violence and sick comedy. I once watched a guy swallow a bucket of semen while jacking off to mozart in the dark of his room, it was quite the incredible sight.

I will punch someone in the face for no reason, and normally people run when I approach them because they know that I will probably attempt to set them on fire. I was voted most likely to assasinate a president in highschool, and I really believe that my parents are purple aliens from another planet that just left me here so that I could adapt to the human lifestyles and study them, one day.

.. they will return for me. My life goals are swingers club to own an entire island of midgets and to become a hitwoman. If I was the last person on the planet I would probably get really fat and try to ride a whale for the hell of it.

I aspire to be like the erotic version of doctor seuss. I pay strippers with chicken bones and monopoly money. I really spend alot of time staring at my fuzzy tv wondering if the ring girl will come out because shes really hot and I'd have hardcore lesbian sex with her.

I'm a silly little bitch with a silly little mind, No, I'm not crazy and a lot of times people go "Oh that's crazy!" then they go "It's genius!". That's what happened to the person who invented fire, they burned that witch and guess what, then they got warm and they ate good stuff.

Let's not make this weird cause I'm not good on dates. and I'm like a lawyer with the way I'm always trying to get you off. This angel's got a broken halo.=) I smoke crack from 9-5 monday through friday, its pretty much my fulltime job and consumes most of my time for now, I intend on cutting down my hours because by the end of the day I'm really wore out.

I've got a twenty-dollar bill That says I'm up late night starting Fist fights versus fences in my backyard Wearing my black eye like a badge of honor Soaking in sympathy From friends who never loved me Nearly half as much as you.

Have another drink and drive yourself home I hope there's ice on all the roads And you can think of me when you forget your seat belt That's right, I said it. And again when your head goes through the windshield Currently have a bf: couples profile.

.. BriNate

old wife swap fuck photos

Well where should I start I am a very intelligent, outgoing individual. I like to have fun and all aspects and I love to make money. I have two jobs and I run two independent business ( Tell you about that later).

I have my own House, Car, and Life. Im looking for anyone that is on my level and mature I dont have time for games or grown ass children. Long island horny ladies About my let see well the sky is the limit show me you want it.

This isnt free candy...............................LOL talk to you all later

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