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looking for some good but bad fun

hey ya'll!! I am a 25 year old gal, that loves anything to do with the outdoors.I love to work on cars, go hunting, and go fishing. I have 2 boys that are my life they are 3 and 1. I have just moved back to Metter, Ga.

I am tomboy/countrygal but when it calls I can dress up too.I also go to church every sunday. It is something I need to get back in to my life and I am glad that he is there.I love 2 camp and sing in the shower and I sing religiously in my car and im always standing in the rain I don't know why I like 2 walk up and down the beach watching the sunset and sunrise I love to cuddle up and watch a good movie I am what you would call a snuggle bunny.

I love kissing in the rain or lying under the stars.I love to go out to eat and go see a movie. My favorite go dancing, and watching a good movie, I do have to say that I do enjoy a good beer and great fire.

I enjoy chilling Man loves 3somes out at my house. I love to cook something and it doesnt even matter what I cook. I have fun making a mess while I cook something and maybe having a food fight and when its all done clean up.

I am a hopeless romantic but its the way I was raised. I like 2 act immature sometimes why not?

Lookin for a great time! Who's up to handlin me?

Hey there! Whats up? I'm 23/F livin it up in the Big O. I have a cute smile (as you can see) and a great ass! I like to drink and don't smoke or do drugs. I don't drink beer, only flavored rum like Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay or Malibu Rum (mango's my fav!).

I like to have a good time w/ friends or w/ a guy. I tend to be a goof ball, but I have a brain! Im optimistic about most things and like to be happy. Im a go against the grain kinda gal, nothin crazy freaky though (except in bed!).

Oh... And I'm sorry to say I cant dance! lolI'm not sure about this site, but Im into guys who are taller (around 6 ft) and muscular.

I'm a sucker for blue eyes, but Im not picky! I tend to be attracted to a guys personality the most. A great sense of humor and a brain. No drug users (of any kind). I dont mind lazy nights at a guys place or hangin at some bar with a bunch of friends or seein a movie.

Im up for just about anything. Especially a lot of sex!! haha I want a guy whos well endowed too, but thats every girls wish! lol I dont dig married men or cheaters.

I wont tolerate lying, a guy has to be honest with me. As Marilyn Monroe says "If you can make a girl laugh - you can make her do anything..." If you wanna know more, send me an email.


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more and more that wat it feel like holla at yo boi hit me up at biggplugg24 on the ya who Man loves 3somes keep it a hundred and it wont be no promblem

Down-to-earth guy looking for beautful, intelligent girl

I?????????ve run out of things to say so I?????????ll just lay it out in the open. I?????????m completely happy with who I am but being single isn?????????t always so much fun.

I?????????m an easy-going, creative, athletic guy in great physical condition who is looking for companionship. In my life I?????????ve traveled the world, I have a Master?????????s degree a shodan(black belt) in Okinawan Goju-Ryu and 1 step away from the same thing in Japanese Aikido.

I'm into 3D animation and write screenplays for 3D full-length feature films. I cook, I?????????m into antique restoration, saltwater fish keeping and running among other things.

I never force anybody to do anything with which they feel uncomfortable. I?????????m genuine but wondering whether that counts anymore? When you e-mail women a lot of times, they?????????re thinking that you?????????re lying about everything.

But if you do truly possess all the qualities that they?????????re looking for, they never reply. Just wondering if there is anybody out there who is really serious about these dating sites or just leading me on? I?????????m almost all out of faith in the belief that there is.

If you?????????re looking for the typical macho guy who is obnoxious, constantly looking to gain another notch to put in his belt and treat you like dirt, and then brag to his friends about his latest conquest-YOU?????????RE IN THE WRONG PLACE.

If you?????????re prone to abusive relationships then I?????????M NOT your guy either and you should seek counseling. Furthermore, I?????????m NOT looking for: Married women, and or with children, those who get a kick out of leading me on, gold-diggers or those so narcissistic that she can?????????t see past her own nose in the air.

If you?????????re looking for someone who is: compassionate, financially secure, fun to be with, has a lot of interests and will treat you with integrity, I?????????m listening.

I can be a: running buddy, a tennis partner, racquetball partner, cycling partner or spotter for weight training, If you?????????re interested in those activities, I?????????m extremely interesteI'm looking for a woman who likes to be caressed manually and orally.

Someone who is who they say they are. And finally someone who doesn't have an axe to grind.

old wife swap fuck photos

i would like to meet a woman who has a very high sex drive one that is up for any thing at anytime someone who likes to do kinky things and have kinky things done to her if this is you please feel free to hit me up ok talk to you later beautiful.

.......... Man loves 3somes she just has to be someone who can last the distance of of just about anything. woman that are not up to the challenge please do not apply because i like to do everything from long love making sessions to eating pussy for a long time so if you are not up to it please do not apply lady's but if you feel that you are the one that can tame me please feel free to give it your best shot ok lady's go for it .


Ever hopeful... Man loves 3somes

Wow what question huh. Well I would say somebody that is looking for a soulmate. Or somebody that is just looking for a good laugh. swingers club I am open to meeting good people with realness.

Somebody that wants a real woman. I am lover anyways. My goal in life is to

He loves it both ways, and doesn't have to hide it with me.

My man is young, beautiful, loves to fuck all the time and works all my holes to the max. He confided to me about his bisexual life that he rarely has found oportunitys to explore. I love that in a man and want another man to give him what he needs and teach me how I can give it to him better when its just the two of us.

The ideal man is an experienced bi sexual who will fuck the hell out of us both. He sucks dick but doesnt' take cum in the mouth but loves to take cum in his ass. We want you to cum in us both so we can eat it out of each other.

When I'm really turned on I spray cum for days and we want to try double Man loves 3somes penatration , double vag, and double anal on us both. We need to do some hardcore fucken and you are gonna love given it to him, he looks so gorgeous when he's taken it in his ass.

God this man can fuck!

old wife swap fuck photos

im a very HARD werking young man who loves to laugh cook have fun take trips and wile out.if your not in atlanta or willing to travel dont bother hitting me up.i've got my own car,my own house and my swag is crazy so if your looking to have a great time with a fly guy , HALLA AT ME 678-886- naw betta yet/ Man loves 3somes i need my to be fly ,dosent matter what race as long as she's beautifull,smart and willing to do things shes never done before and can handle a whole lot of fun LoL .

P.s I got those new pics up and yes thry are all me .For those ladies who are emailing me just to get me to another website where i have to pay,FORGET ABOUT IT.

For those women who simply want to chat or hook up its as easy as emailing me or sending your number or get mine and make the call , its not that hard. SO LETS PLAY.


Are you my fantasy? Can I live my dick fantasy with you?

I am shy , sincere,very healthy and uncomplicated. Once I feel swingers club comfortable I open up and we could have a lot of fun.I am looking for men. I enjoy very much to suck a hard dick.

I don't really intend to pursue anything further. I'd like to meet healthy horny men for discreet encounters.

me mysel and i

am gemima in my mid 20" such an interesting meeting people from any part of the Man loves 3somes people that deals with honesty.

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