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So I've had this profile for awhile now, but haven't been on in a looong time! I decided just recently to actually get back into and start to have some fun again! I've lived in the oak harbor area for a little over a year now, and I love it! I moved up here from Mass and plan to be here for a while, just long enough to save up and go back to school and in the navy.

In the meantime, I'd love to meet new people and have as much fun as possible here while I still can. I'm about as laid back as can be.

I'm D/D free and would expect anyone I meet here to be the same. And please.... PLEASE... NO DRAMA!!! I'm not here to meet jealous, insecure, controlling, "I'm gonna cut myself if we're not together" women! Ugh.

... I'd also like to use this site as a way to express my sexual side! **IF** things go that far between us, I'd like the person I end up meeting at least has an experimental curiosity when it comes to the bedroom.

Like I said, **IF** we get that far. To be honest, I'm not here to sleep with EVERYONE! I'm VERY PICKY! IF YOU WANNA CHAT MY NUMBVER 7 SEVEN FOUR 2 3 ZERO THREE SEVEN 1 0 ONLY IF YOUR A GIRL Massages in chino As stated above, I'd like to meet someone D/D free, and who is sexually open to new things.

Oh yeah, and PLEASE have a sense of humor! I tend to joke around A LOT. Serious people don't need apply! Someone who can hold a decent, intellectual conversation is a MAJOR plus, and a MAJOR turn on! To me, it's brains before beauty.

AGE and RACE do NOT matter to me! As long as you fit most of what I'm looking for, you'll get my attention. Don't be afraid to message me. Who knows how far you'll get.

You'll never know until you try.... ***ATTENTION*** Alright, so some of you women on here have a requirement to see a penis pic. Now, if you're that curious, just ask and I'll send you one.

I don't know what it is with your fascination with seeing it, but if it's that important, then I guess I'll respect that lol. I for one like to leave a little for the imagination... Hope to hear from ya!

discreet desperate housewife

Just wanting a discreet NSA no strings friends with benifits deal Also a non psycho type (hehe) im a laid back girl just wanting some fun in her little cage, care to take me out? Help me explore what this online thing is all about? whywho is where to find me, but lose the end digist.

i hope you have taken and interest and will contact me =) discretion is a must!!!

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Massages in chino

Alright, here we go.....straight up always,..........I am a 15 year experienced Heating and Air Conditioning technician, who has never been married, and hopes to have children some day. I love that I can make people feel comfortable in many aspects, including knowing how to make a woman feel good about herself in many ways.

I am great with my hands and body, and I normally feel the need to satisfy in order to feel my own satisfaction. I am very friendly, a rare gentleman if you will, so please do not think I am trying to court you if I open doors for you and like to hold hands.

I am looking for friendship, fun, and possibly companionship. For now meeting new positive people is my goal, sex and relationships come second.

So whatever you seek in the short or long term I am completely diverse. [;>)} Massages in chino Looking for those who are caring, understanding, diverse, and up for any kind of spontaneous friendly fun, users and revenge seekers need not apply.

If you like or do not mind 420 than we're in for a good time, but it is not required. If you drink or smoke here and there like me, another accepted past time, again not required for the fun I am looking for here.

If you want to get away for a night or weekend, I hope in the future to meet a woman of special quality to accompany me to my mom's B&B in Mendocino.

Hope you might be looking for fun in and out of the house too. Happy 'flang'-ing. Yours truely, Bigbangservice

old wife swap fuck photos

im bak den a mutha fuka lol! same shYt doe, no niGcaz no fat bichz an no couPlez, i do not wanna fuk Yo niGca i Got ma own strait uP im on here 4 da bichz! niGcaz do not Get @ me! i neva had sex wit a female an i ain evn on here ParticularlY 4 sex, Juss a female frenn.

im most likelY not on here 4 da same rezun az u buht check me out doe :-) im 5' 3" 130 Poundz a lil Grl n termz of size buht resPect dat im trYna b frennz 1st or @ least Get 2 no a mutha fuka b4 Givn u da Green lite.

i ain rulen nathn out buht i kaYnt Juss meet u den have sex wichu instantlY, i don neva Get down like dat i needa check a mutha fuka out 1st so Yea hit me.

im helluh funnY i love 2 laf an Got a biG centz of humor an Yes ma eYez r naturallY all sQuintY an asianY buht im all black, naPPY headed n all, i Juss Got sum beadY azz eYez.

i ain evn loaded n nun uh dem Picherz. im sober az heYl n all uh dem an datz how ma eYez sit... i think deY cute :-) i smoke GraPez erY daY, i drink occasionallY buht not reallY cuz i drive. i love fashion an will b attendinG colleGe 4 fashion desiGn dis winter an i also wanna model.

lookn 4 a female frenn close bY 2 kik it smoke or wuteva i ain Goin nowear far so don evn hit me if u far im n nor cal (northern california) n da baY area so work wit dat o Yea 1 mo thanG i ain on here trYna find helluh mutha fukaz so once i find 1 Person im deleatn dis mutha fuka! im trYna have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o Yea, 1 mo thanG, concided bichz Got me fukt uP.

old wife swap fuck photos

I'm an outgoing guy, enjoying my life but hoping to make it a little better to the tune of a special person....(like you) Socially, I'm very outgoing and friendly, with a sense of humor that runs from scatological to outreageous.

I'm inspired by so many things everyday. I'm spiritual and comfortable with my place in the universe, looking to share my warmth and passion.... Massages in chino I'd like to meet a person/friend who's already done all the soul searching necessary and is now content with who he is.

He has plans and ambitions, some of which they are realized and some they are still working on. I'd like to welcome a caring, affectionate, understanding, with a sense of humor, funny to be with, who appreciate life, outgoing, someone honest and real and so connected with your self that you can be completely open with your thoughts and feelings.


Massages in chino

split my time between Hartland and my swingers club cottage in Lexington in the summersjust looking for adventuras fun. I do have a thing for older aggressive women and am very orally inclined

I Like it HARD!

nice, sweet, very easy to get along with and a great since of humor.... and maybe someone who Massages in chino loves to have sex all the time

old wife swap fuck photos

Well . . . What to day. I guess I can stick to the basics I'm a super laid back person. I get along with almost everyone I meet. i'd say I'm friendly but only after 11 in the morning lol. I'm a definite night owl, love all kinds of music, love the outdoors, camping, drivin my truck off road,and of course drinkin with my friends.

Not too sure what else to say I always feel weirs talkin bout myself but if u wanna know anything else feel free to ask :) Massages in chino no drama, i like laid back girls, other than that i'm pretty opened minded, always game for new things.

Can't say I'm really lookin for a random hookup, I;d rather meet someone cool, not saying long term but it would be nice to meet someone to kick it with maybe more

old wife swap fuck photos

Hi! I am a retired Army Sgt. who is just single and looking for Ms. Right but also for some fun. I mean I'm a guy and we have our prowling needs.. swingers club I can take care of myself that way, but if someone wants to join in and get some needs met, then let's party!!! More on me later.

..My ultimate involves getting a room close to the ocean so you can hear the waves, and practically feel the fresh ocean spray coming into the room. A nice fire crackles to make everything toasty, and comfy.

Between two love couches, the large inviting bear rug (made out of synthetic fibers of course) invites us like two first time lovers, and makes us into wild, screaming, sex-hounds for hours... There's always more.

.. until then... over and out.

Am looking for a man to date

am actractive but serious in everything that i am doing and i am looking for a good man Massages in chino to start a relationship with

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