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little about me.Im a country boy,I run a constrution co. here in Granbury Texas.I like to dance,cook out,go deep sea fishing,go camping,go to bike rallys on my bike.I really enjoy just riding down the coast line on my bike,I like the beach, chili cook offs.

Football for sure.a good movie at home,I like a lot of thing.Im not going to waste my life away,I will be enjoying something. Porterville ca local sex ads A lady that would like to enjoy life with me.

old wife swap fuck photos

I like meeting new people and going different places. I'm outdoorsy, college educated and easy going. I can be shy or outspoken depending on the crowd. I can pretty much fit in anywhere, whether its formal, casual or gettin dirty I like it all.

Recently single after a ltr and getting used to my new found freedom. I'm not looking to get serious anytime soon, but ya never know. Message me, im sure I can at least give you a laughJust interested in someone who looks like they give a and likes to have fun.

I'm not into needy people and just ask that you have an open mind! Everyone is different and can be fun in their own way, so try me. Being a little sexy never hurt either... You should def be up for some fun and a few laughs.

Don't be too generous either, when it comes to gettin busy baby its all about you!!

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I am Ready, Williing and Able are U? Porterville ca local sex ads

I am 53 years young italian man with CP. I like to do things outside like camping swimming boating flea markets yard sales and much more. I have a good sense of humor. I am a good listerner when needed. I am very romatic.

I believe that there is a soul mate out for everyone so I am not giving up the search until I find mine. One more important thing that you should know about me that I hope it dosen''t scare you away which is that I USE A WHEELCHAIR BUT I NOT DEAD.

All my parts are still in working order come and see for yourself i believe can make it worth your while if you know what I mean. One more thing I forgot to meantion which is that since I don't drive you must be willing to come to me Porterville ca local sex ads I have a dream girl someone who will except me who I am and not for what I have.

Also she must willing to take care of my sexly needs and desires In return I will be pleased to take care of yours hopefull we can take care of each other atthe same time. She can be any size shape or form I'd love her for who she is.

I am here and waiting

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 6 im kinda new to the game again. If you want to show me how again I am here.Actually Im looking for a friend...but it could be more.

old wife swap fuck photos

As I sit back relax puff a blunt/sip a Becks think about the sexy singers that I wanna sex I'd probably go to jail for in Patti Labelle oooh Regina Belle, she'd probably do me as well Jasmine Guy was fly Mariah Carey's kinda scary wait a miniute what about my honey Mary the jeans they fittin like a glove i had a crush on you since Real Love hold your horses Im gna show ya who the boss of intercourse is sex Im takin no losses even groups like 3LW and SPICE GIRLS cant see Bips (yee dats Me).

wit telepathy the recipe of picture hardcore wit a gun pimpin aint easy but it's always fun when I bust my nut I bust em one by one so whats the 4-1-1 hun Lights, sta-sta-stamina, action Im a rock star, Desi Munda.

.I go nach nach Phati-low so check the crowd reaction Imma strum your body, like a guitar string Stuntin in Roberto Cavalli, mami, wit the dime frame Hotter than tomales, ya probably should be my wild thing Tell them other chicks mind they own business and let us do our thing I gots to open you, open, strokin, now you & I are soakin wet An im not from Texas, but I hold em, rope em, and I yoke they neck You gon make a playa choose Show me what that thang Ill do Class is in session, let me sh-show you a thing or 2 Ill strip ya, Ill strip ya down to your bare minimums And Ill, Ill lick ya, Ill lick ya down, you takste like cinnamon And Ill grab a lil bit of that whipped cream Then Ill put her on her back, get mean Then Ill get her in the matrix, gotta like lace it Basically make her scream, at the top of her lungs Give her shortness of breath How many times can you cum before I poke you to death, Criminal Instintct i'll becum the Bad boy Drilla, it all be Hulka mania.

... so Someone call in the ref HBK aka HEARTBREAK KID is tired of playin In the middle of the stage with an ass like that you got everybody sayin Lights, sta-sta-stamina, action Im a rock star, check the crowd reaction! Bless Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Porterville ca local sex ads Well Hmmmnnn (",) Jee That be tellin.

..Secrets hey Miss(",)

Porterville ca local sex ads

I'm a fun loving guy who joke around a lot. I'm on here looking for fun and sexy ladies. I've been on this site for swingers club a while now but haven't really talked to too many people cause no one ever messeages me.

Whats up with that?Looking for all the ladies that know what this website is all about. if you know what i mean. How come no one ever messegaes me???

old wife swap fuck photos

Im not the average girl i have unique exotic looks. And as sexy as i look ... It gets even better baby.... ~Im the girl with the most cake*~ Porterville ca local sex ads A New Sugar Daddy.... You take care of me baby i will take care of you.


old wife swap fuck photos

Look I'm no pervert, but I like women from the age of 25 up to 38. I like girls who have big breast and are of the no hold barred type. I might be going on 45 but I've kept in shape so don't worry I can keep pace.

I'm also crazy about long hair and has big as I am, I love petite women. But I won't turn my back on a six footer if shes proportioned. Porterville ca local sex ads Hey, it liked I said above "no hold barred".

By the way I've tried to edit my pictures on here but the system won't take them, hey!it ain't ny fault. I've written to and no answer has of yet.


anything u want to know.. anything swingers club at all... just ask ;-)you know who you are... come find me ;-)

"ever dance with the Devil under the pale moon light?"

I am a tattoo artist-shop owner...My studio is in Colorado Springs, but I currently live in Tx. I am looking to explore my inner feelings...I am a VERY passionate person and am not afraid to show it...I like "GOOD" girls.

..tattooed or not... Porterville ca local sex ads Right now I am new to the area and just wanna have alittle "fun"...Not looking for anything serious, but not totally closed to the idea either.


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