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Take me as I am. Im a Geminin I enjoy long walks on the beach, oh wait wrong show. Ok for real, im italian/ irish so this makes me prone to a few things first I enjoy athletics I have done martial arts for about 12 years and have competed in several tournaments but in aww to that I do all other sports I enjoy snowboarding, swimming, skydiving, anything else that can get your heart pumping.

the second thing im prone to is my favorite, cooking, im a phenominal cook or so im told, I love it. The third thing im prone to is drinking ( I do n't drink alot) although I don't get the chance to drink all that much due to my job and school and such the part I have a problem with is I get drunk realy quick all my buds think its hilarious apparently.

Some more about me (wow this is kinda therapeutic) im in med school and aspire to one day work in pediatrick medicine or as a pediatric psychologist I have a degree in psychology and am attending a very different school for medicine.

Now for the bomb shell so to speak. I am in the millitary, but not the regular millitary the job I do is very cool and different. I live life to the fullest always bringing excitment to everything im funny, good looking and some say very confident wich brings me to my absolute favorite trait and skill if you would, I am part of a dieing bread, im a total hopeless romantic, oh its so much fun I get some real good ideas but recently I have no one to practice with (long story) so I fear my talents are going to waste wich is a shame.

I would like to say im different but everyone says that they are different so im going to go with I enjoy shattering the typical cliches of the male sex, but in any case enough about me lets hear of you.

Sex club in tenessee this is where imagination and dreams collide!!!!!

still searching for my soulmate...

i live day to day yet am secure for the future. would like to do simple things in life and enjoy simple pleasures in life. after a hard days work , i love to sit back relax with my significant other and have fun either out or indoors.

looking for someone classy and intelligent. someone to relate with and talk to. someone to enjoy and live life with. someone responsible yet fun. someone caring and not cold.

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Sex club in tenessee

I am a ddf single bisexual that is honest, open-minded, & ready for like-minded people. I LUV to please. You will not be disappointed if you cum to know me. I'm a keeper, loyal, faithful,dependable,& willing to try almost anything with anybody 24/7.

Sex club in tenessee I luv everything about ladies, the way you feel, smell, taste, etc I luv 2 lick & suck on pussy, tits & toes. I luv 2 have my dick licked & sucked.

I could eat pussy all day long. I luv to lick & suck dicks too. Would luv 3somes or moresomes--mfm, mmm,mmmmmmm

AceBedford screen name on all instant messengers

From the ashes of darkness a new era in the adult industry is born, some even say it will change the face of erotica as we know it! A new bread of sinners paint the screen for all to lust over, they call themselves ?????:??The Dark Family?????'?.

.. Lead by new blood owner / writer / director Ace Bedford this line of studios promises to give nothing less then the hardest and most erotic cinema ever seen on film?????' So get your lube of choice ready, find a good seat and prepare to have your panties creamed the Dark Family Productions way! Producer Profile: Name: Ace Bedford A.

K.A: The Don The History: Ace Bedford is a pure bread New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn he was first exposed to dealing in the industry at the age of eighteen when he opened his first online adult novelties, video and erotic wear store.

Soon after the store was a flop due to lack of conditioning, experience and time. Years past by leading the future Don of ?????:??The Dark Family?????'? into venture after venture of industries that struck no interest, then at the age of twenty one Ace Bedford took another swing at what once was his greatest dream.

This time older and more in tuned the online store that was named ?????:?? was a huge hit and caused him to toy with the idea of adult film, he produced two titles called ?????:??Hot Stepper?????'? & ?????:??I Dream of Creamy?????'? but this to would not last.

At the age of twenty three, Ace Bedford had made the choice to start a family and lead a normal married life and sold the business he once called his brain child.

From the day ?????:?? was sold only months went by until all his hard work went to crap and the site closed and due to poor distribution both titles rarely made it to any shelves but this didn?????????t bother him much.

The good life was at hand and his past was a good run while it lasted. Then on his twenty fifth birthday disaster struck, the life he hoped for was ripped away from him and a family feud proved to be too great for even his love to survive.

Just like thatWho I'd like to meet: You!!! Send me a Message any time on any of the instant message services... AOL: AceBedford : AceBedford MSN: AceBedford ICQ: 472385506

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Sex club in tenessee

sorry i'm not a paid member/can not read your messages u contact me.maybe we can do webcam, window live messenger .love to workout, going to the nude swingers club beach sunbathing in the backyard,i love being naked at home,ride motorcycle,fastcars and my vacation ! i'll post my adult photo and video soon.

have a strong sexdrive all day and night anytime an anywhere.

Can you keep up?

I'm a caring and honest person. I keep busy playing with my puppy, teaching, coaching, starting my masters. I love what I do and am very blessed in my life, just missing that one piece I have Sex club in tenessee a great family and the oldest of four kids.

I love staying at

old wife swap fuck photos

Im Geoff Hughes, a single guy living in Derby, looking to meet some lovely ladies. I like cars, and keeping fit. I CAN'T REPLY TO MESSAGES AS IM NOT SIGNED UP! I enjoy social networking like facebook and .

So if you want to message me come find me on there! :P Sex club in tenessee easy going, up for some fun but maybe a relationship. Im a boob and bum man, curvier the better! :)

hello there sweetie

I have a small figure,I love to go to races and I like to be wined and dined and I love the houston texas wife swap club hell out of man going down on me and tearing my pussy up and making me moan and groan.

Hey people im just here to hopefull meet some nice ppl and maybe have some fun at the same time

I've reached the point where I'm ready to meet someone I could spend a lifetime with. I get along best with people who are willing to push the envelope in bed and out of it. I want to try all the things I've always wanted to do.

Commitment-wise, if I met a man I could marry here, I'd consider myself very lucky. When I go out, I might hang out at the bookstore, or just go wherever. The philosophy I live by is don't judge, but always stay true to my personal set of values.

I look forward to putting a smile on your face. Sex club in tenessee I'm not changing my life, I just want to improve it to the tune of one man.

If you contact me remember that I'm looking for a relationship, not just a one-night stand.

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