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Well I am 25 and working full time. I work on the phones all day. I work for Qwest, i love what i do for work right now. I am top sales on my team and plan to stay like that. I love to do stuff outdoors. I am getting ready to go to school full time and drop my job to part time this fall.

I am going to go back to school to becum an EMT. I am currently a CNA but want to get out of that. Um.. Let's see if you have any questions or anything hit me up on here or you can email me: Smooches and Hugs Sex videos in bossier city I am looking for fun! I really don't have tiem to go party party party but i do find time to have fun! So if you are those who like to work but have fun then hit me up.

Hint my name crazy angel. or aka devilish angel.

Livin' 4 Right Now.

28yr. old College Art student and DJ; a creative Kansas man looking for no strings sexual fun, or a really good friend with benifits. No joke, I've been told many times that I'm very talented with my mouth ladies! I'm not pleased until you are!Great with my hands and hey, I'm a really good dancer so.

....I'm a nice guy, not tryin' to be the jerk, but I'm here for the short term or a regular sexual friendship, have some adult fun etc.

I just am not ready for anything serious right now. A good sex partner is what I'm after. I'm down to just be online flirt friends if thats all your ready 4. Just be cool, don't need to be stuck up.

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Looking for some fun Sex videos in bossier city

I'm a 34 year old woman looking for some fun times with good men. Looking for someone to have some fun with inside and outside the bedroom. Sex videos in bossier city Someone fun to hang out with and spend some fun times with.

Cool ass people to enjoy life with

When you meet with me in person, I will do more than just engage you in good dialog, and more. I do not want to spend too much time doing the internet thing. It is beautiful out all the time. Now you tell me, do you have time like that on your hands to be keying in online all day/night? It could be entertaining, but once one hooks up with that cool ass person, we are on the road somewhere: the beach; seaside heights, miami beach, the movies, dinner, clubbing, etc.

So that's my attitude about this online thing -- make the connection & let's do what we envision ourselves getting into when we log onto .I am looking to meet cool ass women who are drug & disease free who want to have really good times during these summer days.

If we find more within these personal encounters, than we could take it to another level. But for starters, let's just enjoy eachother's good company and all the activities that I have planned for us or those that you may suggest for these summer days.


lookin for a good time

I`ve been told I have beautiful eyes. They are somewhere between brown and green. I am creative, introspective, spontaneous, Sex videos in bossier city intelligent, fun-loving, and open-minded.

Gentle at first, then hard as fuck til you cum! Sex videos in bossier city

My ass needs some work, but loves it when a hard cock makes it inside! I just need to be really relaxed and really stimulated. I need a man who can treat me gently, especially when itís hard, a houston texas wife swap club cock is a big thing to be slamming me with back there.

Remember gentle ass fuck, and use that with no spaces when wanting to leave me any notes at the why. Gentle at first, then go all the way!

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To start out im a mommy and i love it so dont come talkin to me about how you want to hook up, it wont happen sorry. I am who i am... I'm young and a hell of a person. I make mistakes who doesn't. I'm opened minded to other peoples thoughts and opinions that don't include me as the topic.

I don't plan on changing for anyone, you can take me as I am or walk away either way i dont care!I'm strong, bold,sarcastic,optmistic and pessimistic at the same time.

Seriously learn to deal with it, if you can't too bad. I'm not here to please anyone except myself and my son. Go ahead and say what you want about me, you're just wasting your breath in the end.

I'm not a bitch unless you provoke me. I'm here for any of my friends, at any time of night, and I own a shovel. if u want to talk hit me up Sex videos in bossier city so i joined this cause my girl told me to and out of pure boredum.

Then got hacked by some creepy ass ha ha so if your creepy dont talk to me and if your old enough to be my dad no offense but pass on to the next profile cause i got a daddy i dont need some old guy tryin to play daddy in some sick perverted way thanks :] Oh and if you really wanna talk get my attention be witty make me laugh SOMETHING.

..hey babe, your hot, hit me up, damn girl so on and so on doesnt work to many people on here so be unique :]

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He is older then me by 11 years he is 30. I love to laugh and have fun going out everynow and again. I'm the girl that eaither u like or you dont.

Im really quiet untill u get to know me then i wont shutup i really am a born and raised country girl. I love camping, kayaking, fishing and hiking pretty much just being outdoors or I can sit at home and watch movies cuddled up on the couch.

I am mainly looking for a woman to join us in not just the bedroom but to acatualy have a relationship with them i have learned what its like to be a princess from my man and i think every woman deserves it too.


Sex videos in bossier city i'm looking for a female or couple who likes to have fun with no drama.

and lives close enought to actaly meet!!!! I am with my fiance and nothing will change that just want to have fun and maybe more with them. We are freaks and not much we wont try atleast once ~he is straight!~ He treats me like a queen and he and i will do the same for whoever I am with.


old wife swap fuck photos

Hi im Retasha I live in vegas. Im white and black + more mix's. Im a funny, nice girl that loves to have fun. some times my friends say im a bite of a blond yea I am but its good for a laugh. My personality is so like a white girls I know what ever.

Girls when they first look at me they think she a mean black girl loud mean NO...Thats not true! I was swingers club born in the south we are the nice girls I just like being me.

Im a part time model just so you know about my picture. Im really fun if you get to know me I have a vary cute girly way about me. Im here because Im curious I will try any thing once.

.Im looking for some one to hang with and try new things with! . so if you think im cute message me!I hope that she will like that im a big flirt. when I have my eyes on you that's the only place they will be.

um I want her to be fun a little out there like me not scared to try new things. Id like her to be open ready for almost any thing. I just want her to try new things with me.

I love white girls there's just something about them so cute.. Im in too a girl just being her self around me and not just acting like something shes not. I will be my self at all times. to tell you the truth If I find a girl I really like Id and we hit it off who knows.

Being open

Cum pump my ass and shoot your load deep in me

I'm looking for a stiff dick to fill me. I'm bi-curious and want to find a steady fuck buddy to do me any way they'd like. Sex videos in bossier city I want to be your cum deposit... whether you need it before work, on a lunch break, or in the night.

.. I'm your hole. I'm not looking for many partners, just one good one who will enjoy filling me.

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