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looking for sweet and fun girl

easy going and down for anything open to new things. like life and family. Sexstory in zambia a girl that can bring out the fun in me and take it for what it is. sex! nothing more nothing less

I'm looking for a woman who would like to be tongued until she explodes!!

I'm 46, and just an average looking guy, but I'm large where it counts!! I'm by no means shy, and I like women to be the same with me. I'm disabled from a high speed water-skiing accident, but I'm not whinning.

The accident took some of the wind out of my sails, and part of one of my lungs, but other than that, everything else survived the crash!! I love to be creative with positions, so what's your favorite?? Oh, and sorry but I don't have any nudes of me right now, but I'll get some done soon!!I'm looking for a woman who isn't shy, isn't 3 or more States away, and just likes good company, dirty talks, lots of oral, and sex anyway she wants it!! I'll try most anything once, and as often as she wants if it gets her off, so all she need do is tell me her likes and dislikes.

But I would prefer to meet someone local, so any of you gals in the area that are interested, drop me a line.

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Physician with multiple interests seeks new companions Sexstory in zambia

A physician who recently relocated to St. Louis area from Los Angeles. Very fit, former elite athlete, adores beautiful women and seeks intimacy with them. Passionate about sports, politics, history, etc. I love to bring pleasure to my companions.

I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh with a beautiful woman. Sexstory in zambia I'm seeking distinctive women with beauty, intelligence, independence, and passionate pursuits.

I love giving undivided attention to the complete ant total fulfillment of my partner's every passionate desire.

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Career driven, self motivated, law breaking citizen!Best left for the imagination! Wouldn you agree?

not into games

I am tired of playing games. I am not the handsomest guy around I have my flaws, but then everyone does. I am not looking for a long term relationship but looking to enjoy time with other people. I live by myself and work second shift.

I can host and I beleive that what happens here is my business and my partners, so discretion is given. If you are not into head games and mean what you say give me a try. Sexstory in zambia I am looking for someone to have a good time with.

Sexstory in zambia

Well lets see!! I am a really open, patient, honest and easy going kind of guy, who is very affectionate, without the jealousy act. I'm open to and like doing just about everything. In my perfect dream before I woke up to my beautiful alarm clock telling me it's time to get the F*# up and go to work!!!! Is the following!!! Like most of us, but not all of us, I'm tired of trying to find that special someone in a bar while they're all sweaty and drunk!! I'm at that age where I would love to find that special person to fall in love with, start a family and live happily ever after!! Oh ya, then reality sets in.

It's just not that easy!!! However, my short term goal snd not my long term goal, I would really like to find someone to have fun with. I can fun doing whatever, whereever pretty much with whoever!!! Always open to try most things at least once.

As for traveling, I love it. My family lives all over the country...MT, CO, KS, TX, NJ, and FL. I don◊?Tt get to houston texas wife swap club do it as often as I◊?Td like do to work, but I usually get out to TX, CO and KS a couple of times a year.

I have some really close friends a little closer in Vegas and Lake Havasu that I love to visit. For my activities, I grew-up in Colorado/Kansas and love most outdoor, nature, summer and winter activities.

I like playing in the park, long walks, swimming, road trips and the sight seeing things. I also like going to museums, zoos, art galleries and that sort of stuff. Most of all, I find myself doing a lot of social activities with friends like watching sports, going to sports games, movies, bars, barbecues, just hangout and of course the night clubs.

I have a ton of friends in the house music scene who either promote or Dj, just like everyone else. In the summer I like going to the river, beach, NASCAR, baseball and soccer games.

In the fall and winter I like going to football, hockey games and to the mountains to ski or snow board. So in a nutshell, I'm just a really happy,i am simply just looking for a person who is open minded, easy going, honest and has a positive attitude about life and can have fun doing just about anything.

I am a very honest, open, affectionate and loving person who is looking for the same. I am looking for a fun person to be in a relationship with or just have fun with.

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Hi i am a short little redhead with a passion to share a woman with my sexi man... We are looking for a lady who JUST wants to play. If you are wanting to play plz send me an email at .. plz no mail on here cause we dont have a membership that allows us to read your messages.

:) Sexstory in zambia Well, i would like her to be clean in every way,

old wife swap fuck photos

I like kittehs. And girly music. But I'm not . Really. I'm a guy...that means I like sports and meat. But at the same time, I don't know anything about guns or cars. And I don't kill things. I think people that do are dumb.

If I see a spider in my house, I catch it and let it go outside. I don't drink or do drugs. In fact, I've never even tried a ciggarette. When I was a kid, a buddy of mine and I tried smoking a grapevine once.

But we decided that was dumb, so we just got drunk instead. Note that I stopped drinking at some point after that event. ;-) I worship the following: The Dallas Cowboys, The Go-Go's, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket.

I'm anti cell phone, anti /facebook, and I don't even know what twitter is. I have more degrees than you do, and none of them have anything to do with my new job.

:-) I can cook one thing: Spaghetti. Of course, I'm not counting toast or pancakes or stuff like that. Also, you will not like my spaghetti; apparently I'm the only one that does. Nothing makes me madder than bad customer service.

However, if someone cut off my penis, that would probably make me madder. Over the last year, I've decided that I like modern music better than the music I grew up with.

When I went and saw Katy Perry in concert, not only was I the oldest person there, I was the tallest. :-) I really believe I should be king of the world. I think that all eyes look the same and all babies look the same.

I like to go see live bands at bars or clubs. The last person I bought a drink was the singer of a local band I like. And that was like 10 months ago. I think the two most genius websites on the intrawebs are icanhascheezburger and fark.

You should go there and spend mindless hours. I still cry when I think about 9/11. But I also cry when I watch a lot of Buffy episodes, so.

.. I love to dive, but I live in Dallas, and there's not nearly enough ocean around here. Sexstory in zambia If you're gonna talk to me, then talk to me. Don't expect me to carry the conversation.

Contribute as much as I do and attempt to both give and receive, or I will get bored fast. I'm more interested in your brain than your body. Unless you're really hot and stupid.

old wife swap fuck photos



... p.s. im a very freaky gurl :)U MUST HAVE MONEY , U MUST PAST MY DICK TEST , U HAVE TO BE CUTE NOT CHEWED, N IF U HAVE HAIR ON UR DICK IT SHOULD NOT STINK ! or it should not have hair balls like bee bees lol im sorry bad experience


Hello all, just lettin yall know that i reached my message limit 4 the day. I dont usually send out friend requests wit no message, but at the moment i am forced 2 if i would like 2 get sumones attention. Once i send a friend request if u decide that ud like 2 chat wit me just send me a message.

Once i receive a message it gives me the ability 2 write back thank you. The mix u are seeing is Dominican and White.

Im a very nasty minded, dirty individual sexually so ladies be prepared. Theres absolutely nothing I wont do or try sexually, and whatever it may be I take great pleasure in doing it if it is pleasing 2 my partner.

Another thing I should mention is that when I say big_black_meat87 it is wit all bull aside my pipe has been known to cause post sex soreness, but dont be alarmed ladies its perfectly normal.

The meat comes accompanied by a hurricane tongue they work together very well to produce the most explosive orgasms ever experienced. Hope ur ready cause when u finally experience my pipe game you will find it 2 be very intense 100% guaranteed.

Any other questions comments or concerns or interests may be addressed by contacting me directly so im sure u know what u gotta do. And trust and believe I know what them gurls like.

I KNOW WHAT THEY LIKE. I knew i forgot somethin I currently live in Lancaster but I spent 19 yrs of my life living in Venice and spending a lot of time in Inglewood. Most my family and all my associates still live in LA and I still own my house in Venice so I still spend quite a bit of time in LA LA land so ladies from LA interested in my profile feel free to drop me a line 4 LA is always gonna be my home.

Im out in SD every day 4 three whole yrs. Big project on military base Camp Pendleton. P.S. Feel free to hit me up on yim anytime at hugedarkmeat. Sexstory in zambia Really not very picky at all when it comes to my women.

Sexy women come in all different colors, shapes, sizes, looks, and ages. I dont discriminate in any way 4 anything, so it wouldn't make any sense to discriminate against any lovely lady that is interested.

The only thing I do ask 4 if ud like to chat is that u must be open minded, cause like I mentioned in my description I am a very nasty minded dirty individual sexually so ladies if u dont have an open mind ur wasting ur time cause u are guaranteed to bore me.

O and I forgot 2 mention that im not looking 4 anything serious at the moment I just got out of a disaster of a relationship and I need to do me 4 some time.

But whatever happens happens if theres a real nice vibe then anythings possible but im not rushing anything

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