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Looking for that unique one

I am a hispanic guy that is romantic and has a zest for life. I am willing to meet a guy who is energetic, romantic and masculine and ready to try something new and exciting. I want to be pursued. Van nuys discreet encouters I am looking for a guy that has a zest for life and who is eager to try new things, someone that can communicate, who is masculine and who is honest.

Just lookin to have some fun

I'm hardcore type B. Don't like being around uptight or negative people. I'm not much into the bar scene, although I do occasionally go out and have a couple of drinks just to get out of the house and unwind. But, I'm really the kind that would much rather have some pleasant female company over a nice dinner.

I try to maintain a healthy balance in my activities but I presently have a very busy work schedule. There is one thing I have to be totally up front about so you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not you would like to get better acquainted with me.

I build high tension powerlines which requires me to travel to wherever my work is. I have no problem with an involvement with someone who prefers to stay put because I usually have weekends off, and could fly, or drive if it's close enough to wherever my interest is.

Also, if such person would have the time and/or inclination to occasionally come to wherever I am, or even travel with me, that would also be a desirable option. This is the age of high speed travel and communication so I really don't view distance as an impassable barrier in a relationship.

However, I do realize that not everyone sees things the way I do. So, if you should decide that it would be a waste of time to persue things in a romantic direction with someone like me, I would certainly understand.

I just wanted to get this out in the open so if I were to meet someone and it turned out that we really liked each other, it wouldn't come as a disappointing surprise. Now with all of that out of the way, I will tell you a little about myself on a more personal level.

I am very independant and down to earth. I'm easy going but I'm no pushover. I don't seek confrontation but I do stick up for myself and anyone I care about if the situation calls for it.

I love to laugh and make others laugh too. I can find humor in nearlyI'm just looking for one on one acquaintance with female looking for same.

No drama, headtrips, hookers, cam site ho's or control freaks please. Not interested in BBW or women who are more than a year or two older than I am, sorry. Plenty of guys out there are, I'm just not the one.

No pic, no response. If you want passion with no pressure, pleasant intelligent conversation, privacy, discretion, and a sensual respectful lover, I'm yer guy.

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Van nuys discreet encouters

recently divorced after 20 yrs.I'm only 44,I got married fairly early in life.Not sure what I'm looking for,just having fun with it.Tan,tone in good shape.Somewhere between very romantic and freaky. Van nuys discreet encouters Looking for a little hottie,(I mean smokin' hot).

Not to sound rude, but no sweathogs please.(just being honest)

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sure takes a while to refine this thing.. lol I am kinda goofy about restoring old muscle cars... and driving them on a closed roadrace course. I do all my own work, and have several toys.. I sometimes attend local car shows, and definately the GM Nationals with my black '81-Z every year.

;-) I am also interested in Competitive shooting, hunting, camping etc... I am a pretty fair cook, own my own home and live alone except for my 2 dogs.

Not into spending my life in a bar... been there and have outgrown that.. lol But going out for dinner and drinks is cool.... I served 6 yrs active duty in the Army and have been out 16 yrs.

I work as a broadcast consultant now ... Basically I'm just an old-fashioned country boy from East Texas with old fashioned values. But I'm willing to be corrupted a 'lil bit.

.. well maybe.. wink..wink.. I did spend a couple of years drag racing professionally and 2 years as a concert roadie... so I've seen a bit in my travels. Not your average bumpkin.. I love classic rock, most country.

. not much into rap and hip-hop though. It just sounds like a pair of sneakers in a dryer to me. I am disease and drug free... not into games or drama... just looking for a nice gal to spend some time with and go from there.

I'm free again and still relatively sane.. So lemme know what ya think... If ya got a question.. ask.. I am very open and honest almost to a fault.. lolDunno.. depends on the personality of the person I meet.

.. For a first meet maybe a cup of coffee... maybe dinner and drinks.. hard to say. Could also be a trip to a dragstrip to crew the race car... or a local car show.

.. I'm flexible.. semper-gumby and all that.. lol lol lol

Taking Chances...

It's pretty simple. I'm smart, funny, sensitive, and open-minded. I'm generally looking for the same. Looks matter a little bit, but Van nuys discreet encouters I'm more interested in things listed above.

Van nuys discreet encouters

My name is Kirin. Im 19 and i live in Malibu CA. Im crazy, fun, random, extreme, different, goofy, studious, adventuresome, exciting, sexual, young, curious, rebellious, kinky, loud, and so many more things. My life- long drive is to become a surgeon.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE living life to the fullest. houston texas wife swap club I have a wide variety of hobbies archery, knife throwing, kickboxing, horseback riding, bull riding, ect.

Im down to do and almost anything whether it be sexual or not. um theres just so much to write and so little time so i suppose if there is anything you want to know just write me.

=]WELLLLL...... im not gonna lie. I LOVE GUYS! Men more than boys. My ideal man is tall, white, AND HAS A PHENOMENAL JAW BONE, or is Sid Vicious's twin (or if you look like Spike from Buffy, that's awesome as well).


Rockstar looking for my SHE DEVIL

Musician, Comedian Primetime Nightchild...Heavy Metal Devil Van nuys discreet encouters Looking for my SHE DEVIL...and a lot of FUN along the way!

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composing chamber music (of the classical nature) while performing also with a jazz trio and a rock band and an early music (pre-baroque) ensemble. i've got no sense of 'sleep schedule' and, consequently, am up at odd hours.

Van nuys discreet encouters wit and candor preferred. just looking to have fun, entertain, and be entertained. looking for kindred spirits who, for whatever reason, are awake when the rest of the world isn't, and like to have a good time by giving/receiving pleasure.

old wife swap fuck photos

Yo wuzzup my name Is Carlton Spears but everybody call me C.jay Im 19 years old, a 2009 graduate from Istrouma High, I like to write poetry, draw, go out but dont go to clubs that much. Im pursuing a career in Mixed swingers club Martial Arts I studied Muay Thai for 4 years, Member of my schools' wrestling team,and studied Krav Maga fo 2 in a half years.

Im a Nice,Artistic,friendly person so if you like what you see holla back at yo boi PEACE!I want my to be beautiful inside and outside,attractive, smart,cool,fun to hang with, easy to talk to about anything,down to earth, and respectful to my friends family and dreams

old wife swap fuck photos

tall muscular, ready to show the ladies how i can lay down my good pipe work. and use my tongue to eat. im young but it seems dat i like older women becuz i want to be able to have someone with alot uf stamina Van nuys discreet encouters i like young and older, i like slow and passionate or rough and fast.

iam a suppa mega freak. i can sho betta than i can tell

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