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I feel rEEEally corny describing myself but hey what the hell right!? I'm an easy-going guy who just moved to the K.C. MO area from MI. back home I knew alot of people and I was always able to meet women thru mutual friends and laughed at the idea of online dating.

Well 6 months in KC and i've only met a handful of people because of my work sched (5pm-4am). I have rules about dating women i work with and all of the friends I've made here are married so here I am doing something i seriuosly thought only unfortunate, unattratcive people did;) Anyways, I'd like to meet someone who knows how to have a good time and if there's a connection on an emotional level then thats a bonus! I want a serious/steady relationship but I keep my expectations realistic because I know how rare true love is.

I love romantic dinners at nice resturants, I love animals (especially my dog), I love being on the water/boat and I also love going to concerts and sporting events (I'm a Detroit sports/music junkie!) I can party all night but sometimes I just want to hit the couch and watch a movie.

I'm very open-minded and I can find humor in any situation, I just love to laugh and joke around! I'm also on so you can check that out too if it's easier for you.

,com/kmc1179 So I guess if I sound interesting, drop me a lne;) sorry i don't usually take pictures of myself so you'll have to look at some of my friends too.

Virgin sex 8years I've always been told that I'm a good lover because i pay attention to detail. most guys are so worried about getting themselves off that they forgot that there's someone else involved.

The female body is the most beautiful thing a man can lay his eyes or hands on, and taking time to appreciate your body is the least a man can do. I guess thats the long way of saying I love making a girl cum!ha;p lol

old wife swap fuck photos

we are totally in love with each other. we just wanna keep the sex as hott as we are. if you wanna know more about us or see our "other" pix just message us...we are looking for a drug free, drama free, clean hott woman who is down for some amazing sex and tons of fun with two totally awesome people.

if you can't handle your pussy getting eatten or a huge cock, don't waist our time. if you think you could handle that, message us at

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im in the rescueing buisness , some one who luvs to be rescue Virgin sex 8years

im a man who woman call upon when they need rescueing, i never give up on anyone i kept going untill you or myslef passes out im willing anything once i stand 6,3 i have beening working as a paramedic for the same company for about 9 years now moved up to where im at now for the last 4 years i love to try new thing outs i work only four days a week and have the weekends off i love to travel i like to go camping, 4 wheeling hikeing,rent a boat for day ( just remeber what happins on a boat stays on the boat.

Virgin sex 8years im looking for that woman love sex as much as i do.i m looking for ether no attchment or who knows we might hit off real good,and might take it futher you never know untill you take that next step,(it not what on the outside it whats in the inside)so let talk an see where we go from there.


its my very great pleasure to hear back from you. I want you to know first before anything that i am a very God fearing christian but i don't criticize other people's or religion and i have tried as much as possible never to allow my relationship with God to affect my romance life in any way whatsoever.

it is me, like it tight i got it good

I am single mom and extremely in the mood for some nice anal action....and some Virgin sex 8years good pussy rubbing too....

Virgin sex 8years

well i'm pretty shy at first but once you get to know me, if you take the time, i open up. I can be very sarcastic at times. I work a lot and when i'm not working i play on a co ed softball team or kick back and relax.

I'm not looking swingers club for random hook ups. I guess i'm really just looking to meet people and have something to do with my spare time. Sesriously for you guys that just want to hook up please don't write me.

you'll end up waisting both of our time.Looking to make friends, if anything else happens then so be it. guys dont think you're going to get in these pants the first night.

It takes at least two! ha ha jk it takes more! I'm std free and that's how i plan to stay! So hit me up if you want a new friend. And guys dont be fools, wrap your tools!!

Hey people im just here to hopefull meet some nice ppl and maybe have some fun at the same time

I've reached the point where I'm ready to meet someone I could spend a lifetime with. I get along best with people who are willing to push the envelope in bed and out of it. I want to try all the things I've always wanted to do.

Commitment-wise, if I met a man I could marry here, I'd consider myself very lucky. When I go out, I might hang out at the bookstore, or just go wherever. The philosophy I live by is don't judge, but always stay true to my personal set of values.

I look forward to putting a smile on your face. Virgin sex 8years I'm not changing my life, I just want to improve it to the tune of one man.

If you contact me remember that I'm looking for a relationship, not just a one-night stand.

Fun :)

My name is 18 years old and i live in the Bronx...Im just here looking for a buddy too have some fun wit :) hit me up if your sexy Virgin sex 8years I love all women...young, old, short, tall(well depends), skinny, thick, any race.

..i dont discriminate i love all girls

let the fake be the fake an the real be the real

im just a real ass nigga tryin to find a real chica,imma actor now just tryin to get in some good films in the burgh ,an i,ll be in swingers club a movie this summer look for ya boi!i luv movies i may be a real ass gee ,but i like the cuddlin an goin to da movies an partyin.

yo if u aint real an u aint tryin to really meet up then keep rollin im so sick of the bull an people playin,its not even funny an as for u scammers an chicks that try an take niggas for money i got the radar on .

but if u serious holla atcha boi!

old wife swap fuck photos

im tonya! and i wanna be onya! jk! lol! im a college student trying to get a good income by stripping. i love to party and get my freak on. lets chaaaat ;D Virgin sex 8years sex is sex - nothing more. dont come at me with that love .

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Are you having an affair with a married man? Married men and affairs are torrid and tricky affairs. And as complicated and tricky as it can seem, it can be a lot worse, says Anna Paul as she narrates her own tryst with a married man.Having an affair with a married man or falling in love with him has got to be every girlís nightmare. Surprisingly, a woman never really intends to fall in love, it just happens. And however hard you try to hold back, the slide in most cases is just too steep to resist. If you arenít already involved with a married man, you may actually think this is funny and repulsive. Now why would any woman want to pick a guy whoís already been taken, when there are a million single guys around? But, hey, hardly any of us practice what we preach, do we? Having an affair with a married man Thereís something about a married man, or even a guy whoís got a girlfriend, for that matter. Maybe itís the fact that heís unavailable that makes him so appealing, but whatever the reason may be, they are. In my life too, Iíve had my own share of commitment issues, married men and affairs. Not on my part though. It was just that Iíve always found myself liking guys who were in a relationship already. But trust me, I really didnít want that kind of relationship in the first place. Love, lust and affairs with married men The first time I ever fell in love with a committed man was when I was in high school. I had a great guy friend who was very sweet and charming, and not to mention gorgeous and a great sense of humor. I never ever looked at him as anything more than just a Ďgood friendí, and things between us were pretty. Eventually, this bloke hooked up with a girl and she started hanging out with us all the time, which was all cool. [Read: How to know if a guy likes you] A couple of years later, during the New Year party, things got weird. All of us were out together, everyone except my friendís girlfriend, as she had to spend the night with her parents and cousins who had come down for an extended vacation. We were having lots of fun,we were quite drunk [Read: How to avoid a hangover] and when the clock struck midnight, I felt someoneís lips over mine and I was pressed. A static moment of darkness and confusion later, I see this guy pal of mine kissing me! He just smiled at me, and started hugging me again. And I just didnít know what to say or do. The worst part, we didnít speak about it ever again, and just let it go.