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im a down to tha ground type of chick with a curious streak im not gay i have tried a few things but not turned out! i like to chill w/no drama or confusion ! yeah im a country girl with city swagg! i can get down wit the best of them! u really cant miss me with too much or should i say not much surprises me! but u can try! i like real people who can like u for u not wut u look like! the best covered books r boring as hell! so hit me up if u think u can deal wit me! i may look like a square, but looks r deceiving! W4mw louisville ky it needs to be a he from birth first of all! knows how to make tha juice box wett, a gentleman, freaky, and loves bbbw's,AND DOESNT THINK THAT JUS BECAAAUSE U ADMINISTER GOOD SEXUAL MOMENT THAT IM GONA STALK U,OR CHASE BEHIND U! NOT IN MY NATURE!LONG AS U KEEP IT 100 AND I WILL DO THA SAME!PLEASE STIMULATE MY MIND FIRST!!THANK U

no longer looking were out dont bother.

were not in life style no more.dont bother were gone no longer looking or wanting anything.we not looking were not wanting the life style no more so dont bother.

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W4mw louisville ky

I'm a laid back, easy going, fella who will try anything once and lots more if it doesn't kill me. I used to be a wildman but have toned it down quite a bit since becoming a daddy. I have full custody of my seven year old son.

I have a great sense of humor and like meeting new and interesting girls of all kinds. I'm 35 but look younger and take decent care of myself, although I smoke like a chimney and don't plan on quiting anytime soon.

I recently moved back to Kansas from Dallas and many of the girls I used to know here haved moved or are married now so I'm looking to meet some new ones. I don't like picking up girls in clubs or bars and I'm from a fairly small town so this is basically what I have resorted to to meet ladies .

Im a nice guy and my intentions are good so only send me messages or add me to your friend list if you're serious. If you're on here just to get your ego stroked and have me chase you, keep on steppin.

By the way, I know my screename is alwysplayn, but im not a "playa"....It's just that "alwyslpaynbutbyplaynimeanthatiliketohavefunandbyfunimeanalotofthingsnotjustsex" is way to long of screename.

And oh yeah, I'm not a felon......bonus. W4mw louisville ky I'm not looking for anything long term or serious right now. Maybe later. If I meet the right person, however, that could change.

Basically I'm just looking for someone cool to hang out with and have fun. I'm not out just to get laid either. I like going to concerts, to the lake, to the races, skiing in Colorado, etc.

It's been awhile since I had a kick-ass go-to girl in my life. If you think you may be that girl, get back at me. And oh, I would be lying if I said that looks were unimportant. I'm not looking for a supermodel by any means, but would like someone who takes decent care of themself and is fairly confident.

God knows I'm not perfect and am not looking for someone who is. Smokers, drinkers, and occasional recreational drug use OK with me. No junkies tho. thanks.

A couple looking for fun! Life is too short not to have a wild ride!!

We are a married fun-loving young couple looking for single select males and couples for discreet rendezvous away from prying eyes!We prefer men who are well-endowed and know how to use it! Also looking for adventurous types open to being filmed by husband with wife for our own private collection! Husband mostly interested in oral only with other women while watching wife but always subject to change for the right woman!

Fun, Sexy, Young Female Seeks Good Times!

I like to have fun and laugh at your jokes. I like sex and like to cuddle. People seem like my natural jet black hair and big boobies. I like guys and girls, individually or at the same time I like to smile frequently and have enormous fun with my latest sexy toy, the W4mw louisville ky Hitachi Magic Wand (a gigantic vibrator that plugs in and never runs out of batteries).


I am outgoing love to laugh and enjoy life and sophisticated woman . I am feminine but not prissy and I don't believe in fairy tales. Sure, I like chivalry and seeing a gentle man in action, but I'm totally realistic.

some traits about me,I like being independent, progressive,Honest, Sensitive, Determined, Diplomatic, Humorous,Creative, Enthusiastic, Confident, Loyal, Curious, Optimistic, Imaginative, Stable.I work long hours so when I'm not working I just want to have fun.

swingers club There are so many things to do and places to go,there's no excuse to be bored or to go onboring dates, right? I love theatre- movies and stage- and enjoy live music.

Museums are fun but I don't go every weekend, just every once in a while. Travelling has always been a priority. I think I've reached a new level of confidence when it comes to sports- so now's the time to ski and surf.

I prefer to be warm but warming up in front of the fire is just as appealing as beach sand.I'm looking for a man who is comfortable in his own skin who might be the smartest guy in the room but doesn't have to prove it.

I'm attracted to a great sense of humor. I respect men who are kind-- you won't have to worry about getting the "nice guy" stigma- I like that. A man who is affectionate and knows what he wants is what I'm looking for.

Chemistry issurprising sometimes so I don't think I have one certain type. I like to bepetite compared to my date but I come from a family with a low center of gravity which makes me immune to height sensitivity.

am looking for a master that is caring and Loving

Hello How are you doing ,, well my name is Angle am on here looking for friendship date and relationship ,, but i will prefer friendship first,,am really looking for a mature,understand and honest man that will never cheat in any form because that is what i hate most in my life ,, am open for anything and i really want to meet new people and friends ,, but i dont get online much please W4mw louisville ky feel free to ask me anything out,,, i always check that and i will be looking forward to chat with you asap ,, Thanks Angle

playful mate

- 34yrs old (but so as long as both individuals are of legal age, then I cast no judgments, should there be many age differences between them) - BS (UMSL): Criminology - MS (LU): Criminology (June 08) - I have ten years in law enforcement, arresting shoplifters - (So, Then you might say that I am like an action figure; because I come complete with Handcuffs!. - I am working on my PhD in education, emphasis in counseling education (I want to teach either HS English or as a Professor of Criminal Justice) i have 4 tattoos on my arms: 2 are dedicated in remembrance of 9/11 1 are of handcuffs and barbwire; 1 a mystical panther with wings I am self employed as a criminal and civil investigator **oh, and aside from top notch morals and ethics, i am one hell of a Masseuse *that is if you like a 3 hour Spa Treatment)!! W4mw louisville ky Who I'd like to meet: "Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise.

Give lifting that person your best shot, but don't hang around long enough for his or her bad attitude to pull you down.

Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people." Zig Ziglar

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I'm 34 and a fun guy to be around. Enjoy the out doors & Harleys. Enjoy riding, whould like to feel you holding swingers club me as we go for a joy ride. Just looking to get laid. strings attached. Ready for a good time.My would be with a nice girl who does not play mind games. I enjoy a nice time together finished off with some sex. Girls so not have to have huge breasts to be attractive.

A decent body is all I am looking for. A few extra pounds is OK, especially if a nice piece of ass gies with it. I kike a good blow job too. Not afraid to go down on you as well.

In fact that is my forte. I like eating some pussy. So if you don't mind giving some head and enjoy having your pussy teased, send me a message

old wife swap fuck photos

Thanx for checkin me out, you could be anywhere else in the world right now...but your here with me, i appreciate that!! I'm Skylar, your wet and wildest dreams personified ;p Very confident, intelligent, playful, flirty, passionate, driven, and a Scorpio (yep)I am a recording artist, so i love music and art of all aspects.

i HATE drama, pretty non combative but def stand up for what i believe and people i believe in. i love and live life to the fullest extent of the word (and then some)and cherish it as if it ended in seconds.

..yaduh yaduh yaduh! Look, nothing i say on here is gonna SHOW you who i am, besides...i like to leave some mystery about myself!! So if your lookin for somethin on here ladies (whatever that may be) thats why im here!! if i send/receive a request.

..lets talk...if not, hey...thanx for stoppin by! ciao W4mw louisville ky should cum find out [Skylar: raises eyebrows in playful, flirty manner]

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