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Fairly tall, curvy and very sexual. Intelligent but easily bored with dull. Love younger F or older men lots. I look at myself in a mirror and love what I see but im not into myself at all that way. I live with my niece.

I work, I play. Im bi. My niece lives with me. My work travels me across northern wisc. Love swimming, sun, working out, teasing lol,dating,reading, gardening and playing. I'm a wholesome girl with an adventurous side.

Wife looking sexy for men Im someone who looks for someone that stimulates me online instead of talking about themselves or what they want to do to me. (Cyber yuck). Intelligent sexual conversation yes.

So few show an interest in getting to know me. I avoid those that press to meet or phone right away. Love someone who is inquisitive beyond and deeper than wanting to know the general boring things.

Someone who probes me deep and gets into my head stimulates me. Love questions.

I am the one you were warned about.....

Exciting, single female, out-going and a lot of fun to be around. Loves everything and will try anything once; twice if I like it.I am looking for an out-going male who seeks the same in a woman as I do in a man.

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Wife looking sexy for men

i am a Marine of five years now and a firefighter/paramedic i love hunting fishing camping hiking anything outddors i lvoe working on my cars trucks every thing i have. my family is the most important thing in my life i would do anything for them i am looking for an honest girl to fall in love with and start a great life that is the only thing that is missing from me at the moment no highschool drama please Wife looking sexy for men i would love a girl to fall in love with loves to cuddle kiss be kissed be held loves the outdoors loves a man in uniform is a must.


please call act. over

im a country man and lovin everymin of life, im a lover all of the time and im a fighter only when i have to be, i love to cuddle, when i go to bed at night and im cuddlin with a good loving woman its so damn amazing, i would cuddle forever if i could but im single so thats kinda hard to do, if you want to know more please hit me up.

im a loving guy i would do anything for anyone type of deal, i do believe in woman rights and the first man to violait that right will get there ass kicked, idc who they are there going to have to deal with me, i basicly just want someone to cuddle up with at night and maybe more.

if you want to know more ask me.

looking for some wild fun!

well a little shy at first,but when im past the shy part im a fun guy to be with. Wife looking sexy for men wanting her to be wild and willing to try anything.

i am an expert in some and open to ALL things Wife looking sexy for men

I have long brown hair and love to have it pilled . kinda freaky is an understatement. what i have not tryed is a short list and i am wanting to make it shorter.Test me and see if you are as freaky as i am swingers club and if so lets have some fun.

I am d/d free and totally wild.I like a good conversation and can keep up with it.I have 2 harleys and love to ride then. the mountains are so beautiful when you are on a bike.

just to keep everyone up to date I am working down in Texas for a while rebuilding Galeiston so we can meet up down south now .i am looking for expirances that streach me and surprise ,shock and stun me.

and you MUST be open and very KINKY.into ALL things with no or moderate exceptions. any hair i have is always shaved clean.and i am VERY VERY FLEXIABLE. I AM THE TOY YOU ALWAYS DREAMED ABOUT BUT DIDN'T THINK EXISTED.

I am a man and do not play games. yes I do know how to treat a lady.

smartypants who looks sexy in her pants

: I love to watch young couples fuck on cam (only cam, won't meet couples for real). I've discovered this about myself from this site. I will do almost anything on cam for a sexy couple that will let me watch them.

Tell me what you want to see me do and I'll tell you if I'll do it.I was referred by a friend. Knowing that I am pretty open about sexuality, he suggested I check this site out so here I am.

Ok folks. So here it is. Right now I am not really meeting new men. I found a real sweetie for real. I am still interested in chatting with others like me (read young, reasonably smart, open-minded or at least curious).

I've especially enjoyed my talks with other girls ( the good self-confident use of the word...meaning one who takes control of her sexuality). Wife looking sexy for men Open to meeting bi girls or straight girls just looking for a new friend.

I have cammed with couples in the past and find it to be very fun but I have limited time and privacy to do that these days.Since this has not been clear (based on my emails), I am not looking to meet any guys. no it is not because of your age, or your looks, or the size of your d^&#k that explains why I am not responding to your emails and IMs.

It is because I am not interested in guys right now.

A women who knows how to please and loves doing it

I am a musician as well as a investment broker.I love to have fun and spend money.I work out and stay in shape and i have a very kind heart. Wife looking sexy for men I am looking for a women who loves to have sex and have fun when time allows.

I like a women who loves to just have a good time and does not hold her tongue at all

old wife swap fuck photos

I'm a fun loving guy, I like to do just about anything at least once. I've never been good at these "About Me" things so forgive me if I don't put down much. I'm highly outgoing and open to anything new.

.especially things in sexual areas of life. I'm very thoughtful in that I like to ponder the greater questions of life swingers club and its meanings, I am not an avid church goer since I feel I could do better things with the hour or so of my time I waste in those places but if the person I'm dating is religious then I'll respect that and go with them to their places of worship if they ask me to.

Anyways that's all I can think of right now sorry.Again not sure what to put here but I'll try. I'm looking for someone around my age, to me looks don't matter much but they do tend to help if you know what I mean.

I'm looking for something in the long term but am also willing to do casual sex and one nighters if my partner just wants that only. I only ask you be open minded and frankly are able to keep up with me in bed lol.


Hey Ladies, i am here to meet and chat with you anytime! i am self employed so i make my own rules and do what i want when i want to do it. i am very sexy and need to meet some hotties so chat me up sometime! Wife looking sexy for men DATING, A GOOD TIME, SEX, AND HAVING FUN!

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