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I'm waiting for the story of my life to be made into a movie. It should cost about .12 and that includes the budget for special effects. lol

OK now that we got that out of the way here's a lil about meų?! (UPDATE) All photos are of this year I'm nice, normal, active, alive, fun spirited who isn't afraid to interact and be real. Please go elsewhere with any "intimacy issues" because I don't have the energy to sort that stuff out anymore.

I am looking for a friend, a lover, A Bug out. An intelligent, mature but playful yeah even a lil corny, thoughtful person with a good sense of humor.

I like the simple things. Finding interesting alleys in Chinatown. Appreciating great moments in every day life. Walking around nice parks, street fairs, greenery,Kick Boxing, Hiking, camping, fishing, reading, hanging w/friends, watching sports, playing pool & darts, movies, walking in the park, looking at the stars at night traveling is also big on my LIKES list I hope I didn't scare you away. bark is worse than my bite (well, that's to be debated) Wife swap big penis If you can make me laugh you're in!!! I like going to comedy clubs, watching movies curled up on the couch or going out for some minature golf.

I also love road trips, theres's nothing like getting in the car and driving...anywhere. Then in my spare time I perform surgery, fight crime and advocate for world peace, lol.

.. I've spent most my life focused on my career with little time for anything else. Latellooking around wondering where my social life went. I want what we all want, someone to share moments with, good or bad.

Someone who can make me smile from across the room. I have a very small circle of friends that I cherish and a wonderful family. Now I'm looking for that special someone to spend those special moments with.

Okay, Here's you moment of zen: running out of the room to go change your pants because you've laughed so much there's been an accident....some call that incontinence, I call it a good time all around.


Me im black and thick love chillin with the hom:egurls and bois i love older guys soory youngess lol hey im a nice person to know or to date

Black i am love older guys get at me im a nice person and kool to kicikit with i sing dance everything

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Wife swap big penis

-->heyy the names Vonicah !! aint no other bitch like me out thier . if you say i was born a bitch then let me be a bitch nigga . wat you heard bitch recognize watchu see hoe . im SAMOAN . im 19. im a hot sexy libra from Frisco.

i love my family . everyone ar0und me are my life , my w0rld, i l0ve v0lleyball . its the shxt and if y0u d0nt like it then y0u h0e . lma0 . nah im n0t mean . i am thee' nicest pers0n y0u w0uld ever meet and i love trying new things like anything.

i love my bestfriendz shanell!!!... im a kool ass person BUT DONT PUSH YOUR LUCK !!! lol...weo thankZ for Reading but HaVe @ gOod niGht .



new to the scene

First & foremost I am 100 percent real and raw..this is the real me.I often attract attention by being different, by this action often meets my" performance needs."Because I have a strong desire to appear before the public in some way.

I am probably very competent,possibly outstanding at what I do.It is mental determination that allows me to accomplish as much as I do.Down deep, I am very serious about my life.

I may often appear to the surface lazy.But in reality,I am a passive stalker who works in full public view. I am quick to react to oppurtunities and make contacts to the right people. I tend to be easily influenced by my environment, which could be distabilizing in some ways.

mature very very feminine women, girly girls wanted

i am irish and italian male on the SE side of San Antonio, and i am seeking women for some NSA adult fun. this IS VERY IMPORTANT if you are not REALLY looking to meet up dop not contact me, if you are gong to try and get me to go to another site to get your contact information DO NOT CONTACT ME or REPLY TO MY MESSAGES.

i am only interested in women who are serious about meeting.i am VERY VERY discreet and do not want anyone in trouble so have no worries i need to keep it discreet myself, so if you ARE SERIOUS lets talk and get together.

Wife swap big penis no strings attached adult mid day fun, you must like to be spanked, you must love to give oral (and receive)like to wear mini skirts, heels etc this IS VERY IMPORTANT if you are not REALLY looking to meet up dop not contact me, if you are gong to try and get me to go to another site to get your contact information DO NOT CONTACT ME or REPLY TO MY MESSAGES.

i am only interested in women who are serious about meeting

i never quit till the job is complete! or untill u r 2 tired!! Wife swap big penis

I am a hard working man weather it be at my business or when i am taking care houston texas wife swap club of her business !!! and i won't quit untill you give me the word !!!for a lady that will care about me as much as i her, and have my back when things get tough.

and i like ladies or lady, that are not afraid what so ever to pull out a vibrator and use it plus the plus is and to get so into the vibrator she has multiple orgsss !! and by then i, am involved !!! LUCKY ME!!!!

Sensuous and Single!

I'll first start out by saying that I enjoy sports, mostly college football and basketball. I am a huge Nebraska Husker fan!! I enjoy watching or going to college football games, it seems I never get anything done on Saturday during football season.

I also enjoy playing and Wife swap big penis watching basketball. I am a very independent person who is looking for that right person.

Miss kayla because she loves to be the mistress

i am fun, loving, and wants a guy that makes her feel special at the right time=) and does not Wife swap big penis want someone who gets attached!

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New to Southern california and looking swingers club a for a friend to share lifeLooking for now as well as long term

old wife swap fuck photos

I'm not young, but very young at heart and healthy. As you may gather from my photos I LOVE to golf. I'm single but looking for someone to play with (read whatever you like into that comment). I'm a self employed residential contractor so that means I can do anything.

I'm Italian so I have a hairy chest, Some Women like, some don't, which one are you??? I live in upstate NY where there's only one season, early winter, mid winter, late winter and next winter.

.. Wife swap big penis Lets see, I would like her to be HOT, and active in bed. I've been with the quiet type Yawn,,,Age isn't really an issue to me, but she has to have a life, inactive couch potatos need not apply,,lol I love animals so pet owners work for me, I haven't been to demanding have I ??? didn't think so.

..looking forward to see what happens next : }

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