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I'm a single attractive lady looking to find new and exciting things to get into. Like the title says I got milk. Looking to explore new things. Any ideas?? I do have face as well as full body photos but first I need to see if your even worth it cause I know I am.

Wife want a threesome People who are open and honest. I'm kind of interested in trying the group thing but I'm not into women but not opposed to watching.

If you are married I'm not interested!! If you don't have a problem with a lactating woman then lets see what we can get into.

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as you can see my name is the head doctor, and thats what i do. im here to please you ladies that dont get licked enough. i got a thick stick if u want that too. but we'd have to meet for u to see that. im far from shy, and quite blunt, also a big flirt and may say something that you cant handle.

im here to be a friend, a lover, a buddy or what ever u may need. i like to travel so i may cum c you. im a romantic type guy, i dont expect anything just push a few buttons and see where it goes or leads me.

im a cool, calm and collect gemini. im not lookin for love just what the next door opens. i love all these beautiful black women i see here but what brings you to is what im tryin to find out.

if i click on you to add to ur friend list, well thats b/c i found some interests in you and may want to find out more.

. ALSO MY MESSENGER DOESNT WORK DUE TO FIREFOX.. SO HIT ME UP W/ A MESSAGE..what ever happens happens.. i dont predict the future for anyone but me. you can be 18 or 50 ill still talk to you like a human, treat you like a lady, or however you want me to treat you.

not desperate just having a lil fun, so why dont you give me a try b4 you judge me..

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You only live once! Wife want a threesome

Well I THOUGHT this site seemed like a good place to meet women who know how to just get down to the freegin' point! But unfortunately the majority of the females on here are in' spam/fake profiles. So since I'm stuck with the time I already paid for, I figure I'll just go along with it.

I was raised an old fashioned kind of guy; I'll pull out your chairs, walk to your left, open your doors and hold you when you cry, but I've had enough of the snobby bitches who only like that till the next pretty boy dick comes along to ruin their lives.

Some of you women are just magnetized to that and I don't have any place for it. I'm a straight-forward, honest, educated and hilarious guy. I've seen and done more than my fair share of things in this world so I don't need to be amazed by your resume.

I'll be amazed enough when I find a woman who just let's me appreciate her and gives nothing more but the same in return.

I have a gentle side when needed, I have a strong side when called upon, and I have a sane side as well that won't put up with any more psychotic female episodes, so just leave it at the door. Sorry, I'm not a cocky guy, I'm just confident in myself and what I want.

Also, I'm not some ripped-up, six pack body builder. I'm 6'3", 225. I'm not some lard ass, just not an underwear model either. I've got an average body with an decent sized cock, but I've never had a single complaint about it or how I use it and I like it that way.

I have an appetite for sex that's been kept up with only once in my past and I'd like to find another. I have to get off at least three times a day when I'm not getting it and when it comes to sex, I'll blow your mind with the variety of YOUR needs I'll put first.

As for my needs? I'm a guy, it's a given... if it gets stuck in a hot, wet, moving environment it's gonna eventually blow.

It ain't rocket science. You'll get your first two mind blowers before my drawers are even off. Wife want a threesome She must be cute, funny, intelligent, and spontaneous! Looks aren't everything but there must be an attraction.

Like early mornings, late nights and everything in between. Eating out, eating in, and when we drive up to Tahoe, she has to be willing to grab a blanket from the back seat and follow me into the trees so we can make the hikers down hill go "Where the did THAT come from?!" She needs to be normal.

I don't care if you have stress or struggles in your life, we all do. That's normal, just don't expect me to be able to fix it all for you. My ideal would be open to just having fun, dinner, maybe a night out, movies and a great night of sex if we have the time, as well as the occasional 15 or 30 minute mind-blowers if that's all the schedule allows.

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were a couple from california wanting a threesome. if any of you women want to have some fun, hit us up.we are canceling our so if you wan to talk to us hit us up at our email

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Lets see I just moved back home from NC. I have been all around the world and back 3 times over. I spent 10 yrs in the Army been to war 3 times.. Now I'm back to start over. I have seen and done many things in my life now it's time to settle down a little and stick around a while.

. anything you wanna know just ask and I'll respond.. I'm on ya .....hoo c below Wife want a threesome I'm tired of the dateing scene.

Been too long for me to get into dateing again for now maybe farther down the road. Now it's time for some fun. on the internet or in person. Someone to hang out with. If it leads to more then it does.

If it doesn't then it doesn't. if you haven't paid for this then crazy_ass_mp

I keep going & going & going... Wife want a threesome

Hey everyone what's good? My name is KJ, I just moved to Baltimore from PA and I'm looking to meet houston texas wife swap club some people who want to have a good time! A little bit about me: I'm a 27-year-old single, I'm looking for sexy women or couples (looking for a straight man) that are attractive, intriguing, intelligent, fun, confident and sexually open; for good times, friendship and sexual exploration.

I would like someone that is willing to hook up on a regular basis but not looking for a guaranteed commitment. You must be able to enjoy causal nights on the town, intimate evenings at home as well as partying our asses off in the club.

Sexually I like a woman that is open to do whatever, loves to give and receive head, and has great energy in the sack. You must be



old wife swap fuck photos

I am out for a nothing more nothing less, Just want to have fun with a female and enjoy each other. A Man thing. But I am also looking for a long term relationship too. Wife want a threesome My experence has shown me that I like younger women for some reason the science channel said this is just a natural thing for a man to seek younger has to do with body chemistry.

So i wont set a age limit in either direction younger or older and race is not a issue either. So if your interested just shoot me a email and say so no points for being shy here.

im a princess i live in the clouds if u wanna kick it w/ me u better bow down, so get on your knees, and call me your higness, cause baby believe it im new yorks finest


..... UR GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND STABS U IN DA HEART..... BUT ME, UR GOOD FRIEND CARRIES A KNIFE TO STAB THOSE MUTHAFUCKAS RIGHT BACK...... HoMiEs TiLL ThE FuCkIn EnD !! AnD AfTeR ThAt We StILL RiDe In H3AvEn! ThIs Is A TeSt T0 SeE H0W MaNy H0M13S AnD houston texas wife swap club HoMeGiRlZ YoU GoT ON ThE InTeRnEt!!! WhEn YoU G3T ThIs SeNt ThiS TO TeN HoMIeS InClUdInG ThE H0MiE ThAt SeNt It To0 YoU If ThEy ArE A TrUe H0MiE To0 YoU! .

.._...|..____________________, , ....../ `---___________----_____|] = = = D ...../_==o;;;;;;;;_______.:/ .....), ---.(_(__) / .

...// (..) ), ----" ...//___// ..//___// "ROSES ARE RED DIAMONDS ARE BLUE I WILL FIGHT ANY NIGGA THAT FUCKS WITH U NOW SEND THIS TO EVERYONE WHOSE BACK U GOT AND SEE WHO HAS URS!!!!!!!!"i am looking for a good looking guy and cuddling

old wife swap fuck photos

I'm a 28 year old girl with a high sex drive. I'm as single as a dollar bill, lookin for something fun to do around my jobs. I'm not sure what this will lead to, but I know that I love sex and men so hopefully I can put the two together and make sometime happen! Wife want a threesome I would like him to be tall, thin, and I like black boys - what can I say - once you go black, you ain't goin back! So hit me up and maybe we'll have some fun!

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