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to have fun

well i model & am a cool ass guy that loves 2 have a good time Wifeswapping colorado cool people that wanna have fun so hit me up

A red blooded lookin for fun

Im just wat uve bin lookin for tall dark and handsome ill do watever you want i promisesum1 to hav lots and lots of fun with im in da army and wen im home im very very horny x x

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Wifeswapping colorado


PENSACOLA,FL IS THE SPOT /i know i havent been on here in a minute so to those who are down 4 me my good friends ect. yall can catch me on thats where my artist page at.

. u can find me by email i hope to be hearing from yall and i miss yall get at me.. Wifeswapping colorado im inlove with pretty pussy, i like to lick em till ur body gives out.! plus da dick is so amazing i move like i dont have a back bone...i put that on money im a beast..... so my is a women thats ready to get some amazing sex put on her.. i mean that kink,nasty,open minded 4 real.

...also holla at ur boy or look me up by email on ...... if u a scard woman goto church and keep it movin

Trust me I'm hot

I like women and couples and am looking to expand my horizons. My man loves to see me with other people.I am looking for women and/or couples only. No single men

Fun, attractive, freaky, and sweet

I am the type of person that most people wanna be. Im real. Life is too short to bull all the time. So i try to to enjoy myself as much as possible. I like to play guitar and im very good at it. I like meeting new people.

I like to build strong relationships. I HATE DRAMA. I like to dance and am fun and outgoing. I like to find people that are sensual and caring. I like to treat my women. I like the outdoors and to occasionally party.

I love a women that loves to be knocked off her feet. I am Romantic and passionate as well as naughty but only with a select few. Not everyone is special enough to see my naughty side.

Wifeswapping colorado I am looking for a young attractive women that is intellegent, that hates drama and keeps it real. If you are a drama queen im not intrested. I love a woman that knows what she wants.

And or what she wants me. I joined this looking for a little diversity in the women i date. Im not looking for just exactly anything. You never know who you might meet. If your kind, smart, fun and attractive, give me a shout out.

"LETS HAVE SOME FUN" Wifeswapping colorado

"LOVE IS LIKE A BUTTERFLY,IT GOES WHERE IT PLEASES & PLEASES WHERE IT GOES" you can catch me at spiritfeather77 at ?ahoo my names jeff,N.S.,good-hearted,handsome,gentle-man,(neat & clean) im down to earth,good natured,free spirited,fun loving,soft spoken & a little shy at 1st!!! searching for an adorable,(N.

S.)gentle,kind hearted,sensual,girly-girl to apprecaite,complement swingers club & praise with words of kindness & acts of affection !!! if your smart enough you can catch me at spiritfeather77 at ?ahoo & we can talk about our sensual fantasies.

you would feel comfortable & would love to spice things up,not just in the kitchen or for holloween,wearing seductive lingerie,high heels,stockings,garters & camis in silk,satin,leather or lace !!!TOGETHER, we would spoil each other with butterfly kisses,sensual massage,warm & fuzzy feelings !!! i'll adore you with flowers,cook your favorite meals for you,clean-up the kitchen,softly brush your hair,gently massage from your head & sholders,slowly down to your feet & share deep,long passionate kisses together.

(GIVE & TAKE) i'll go down on you any time,any where,any place & as long as you like !!! SEEKS 1 SPECIAL WOMAN WHO IS READY WILLING & ABLE TO VENTURE FOURTH ON A JOURNEY THAT WILL LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND,WHILE PERSERVING THE BEST MEMORIES & FORGIVING THE ONES THAT WERE HURTFUL someone neat & clean,who shares a sacred passion for animals,country living,nature,spiritual awareness & fun outdoor adventures.

just looking to meet cool guys & girls

im a blk male looking to have fun im a student and like tokick it Wifeswapping colorado just a man who know what he wants and aint too scared to go for it and a lady that knows how to let a man like me be me

old wife swap fuck photos

wuz up people im ag lay bac cool kinda guy who luv 2 party n pipe layin my sport Wifeswapping colorado it is wat it is hit me up we will see were it goes from there BUT U MUST B WILLIN 2 PUT IN DA WORK CAUSE I AINT AFRAID OF DA SWEAT

old wife swap fuck photos

I find it very difficult to describe myself except for the fact that I'm REAL. Some of my friends say that I have a charming quality, but I'm not so sure that I agree so get to know me and decide for yourself. Femme and Ultra Femme women drive me wild.

I'm not preoccupied with breast size but a sexy pair of legs will undoubtedly get my UNDIVIDED attention. Basically, I'm looking for a woman who wants all the same things that I want .

.. a committed relationship and a family because I am a very family oriented person. I can also be a workaholic swingers club and I'm looking for a woman to give me a reason to want to stay home more.

I can be a bit of a cowboi, but that may have a lot to do with my profession. And, last but certainly not least ... I hate drama! I get more than my fair share of everyone else's drama on the job. ARE on the way!!! MOST IMPORTANTLY ... I'm wise the the SCAMS so if that's the game you're playing ... move along! I'm NOT sending any money (via Western Union) to any world-traveling orphans stranded in Africa! SORRY! Contact the American Embassy there .

. not me!If your fantasy is a uniform than I'm probably the "boi" for you. Yes ... I'm a cop and well trained with a set of handcuffs! I'm an experienced, energetic, passionate and UNselfish lover.

The ultimate turn-on for me is getting the woman that I'm making love to off. Vocal femme women drive me wild. The louder you are the hotter I get.

Ladies ... I have a 10 to 1 rule. That's how many times YOU cum before me. I'm like a female Burger King ... you can have me YOUR way! Your wish (and pleasure) is my command! If you're liking it than I'm liking it.

I have used many toys with my girlfriends (strap-ons, etc.). I don't like penetration, but if you do (even anal) I'm VERY happy to accomodate you.

old wife swap fuck photos

hi my name is karla i live in vegas with my looking to chat with females only sorry men. Wifeswapping colorado im looking for a female to bring home with me so we can play.i do have a hubby that wants to join us,so if your all in then holla at us were both always online.


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