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Im a very outgoing individual. I LOVE ROCK music.! Recently moved here to Cali.. I love meeting new people and hanging out.. I'm a VERY spontaneous person as well..!! If interested, feel free to leave a message.

. WHITE chics and LATINAS preferred..!!.. Just ask and I'll let you know if Im interested.. Please dont send me a REQUEST before a MESSAGE.! AND ONLY SERIOUS PEOPLE PLEASE.!! ...... *UPDATE 8/15/09* ABSOLUTELY NO BLACK WOMEN.




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To me, traveling means leaving the everyday world behind. Commitment-wise, I still have a lot of the world - and myself - to explore, and I don't want to be tied down. I want to meet my complete opposite and find common ground with him.

I like to meet new friends and gain new perspectives. I've reached the point where it's time to get past my shy nature and meet someone new. In my free time I like to spend time in the outdoors.

I'm not changing my life, I'm just trying to make it more interesting. I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you contact me remember that emails with a naked photo get special consideration.

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I am an artist, musician, mother, and landscape architect. I love the beach, live music, dancing, drumming, laughing, painting, learning, teaching. I am looking Windsor ontario cock sucking club for someone who respects himself as well as others.



my name is saad .25 old technical polyvalent in usinage man morrocco i like sport(foot_ball) and dance ..... ASK MEi looking for freinds same tims amatory loll,I LIK PPL HELPNIG ME WHEN B HOT

Sex is only dirty... if its done Right" and only people with pics..

Hmmm...CHeck this out, I'm a lil bit thug and ALOT!! of in Rock-N-Roll", and with some choice words I would describe myself as a person that's spontaneous, outgoing, charismatic, cunning, and compassionate, But I'm no PUSSY".

."SO DONT FUCK WITH ME.". I'm a artist, a musician at heart, a born fighter, Hopless Romantic, Great Lover", your loyal friend, or your worst enemy", I'm your shoulder to cry on, or even the one who might unintentionally make you cry" I'm A REALLY DOWN TO EARTH, SPARE THE MOMENT KINDA GUY.

. but basically there's just alot to me and alot more than meets the eye, and to get into who I am is something that I'll let you find out for yourself..I dont do drugs or smoke..I just drink.I like to party and have a good time, and I stay away from all the drama.

..cause its a waste of time", plus I have a very strong sexual appetite and need someone to keep I have a strong heart, mind, and soul, and everything that I do.

.I give my all", so if these are ideas that we share, or qualities that you can respect in a man...well then hit me up" -PEACE- i wont be on here much longer so if you still want to keep in touch hit me up ot that space thing if you know what Im talking bout.

search me or hit me up on mes bennyromo420 at dot com. PEACE" or send an e male to bennyromo420 at the place called dot come Windsor ontario cock sucking club First and foremost I have no problem getting ass, i just wanted to check this site out to see who else I can meet.

Im clean disease free and always safe" is a must" looking for fun cause Im a sopontaneous kinda guy, but I am open for a relationship if all goes well.

.".if you want to see my pics you got to add me"..sorry I dont talk to anyone without pics.. ive got.a strong sexual appetite and I need to be physically attracted to a person and.anyone who is wild.

..but yet really down to earth...wont mind being spontaneous or willing to get caught up in the moment and have fun...but yet must also be responsible and certain situations though ;o) I like rough and soft sex, role playing, out in the park almost getting caught kind of sex.

.anything you name it, Ill try anything once I got an open mind so im not easily shocked, but im up for the challenge" .

or even the possibility of something serious....I live my life to the fullest, and like they say..the key to immortality" is first living a life thats worth remembering AND iM MAKING THE MOST OUT OF LIFE, SINGLE OR NOT.

..Im looking for something discreet, or not, ..anything else just ask

Windsor ontario cock sucking club

I am leaving all ... It's been fun getting to know some of you ... If you wish to keep in touch you can reach me at Peace and happy pervin lol ...... hmmm I am a man of 48 going on 32.I have come to realize that life is all about choices, swingers club opportunities, and experiences.

We can choose to experience life and live it to our fullest or just sit back and watch it go by. I choose to say hello to a stranger. Smile and Laugh, enjoy people, of course enjoy everything about women.

Let's talk about It!!! I am a man with an insatiable appetite lol.


well i hav ebeen here a while now and i have met a few nice guys...but mostly i have met jerks....i am a real honest and caring person. i am looking for something serious but when you say that word guys seem to run. friends are always welcome. if you arent serious about meeting me then dont waste my time plz. i really dont want a ...but hey sometimes a girl just needs some dick!!! i am not one of them skinny model type chics.

...they are so full of themselves it makes them ugly...i have curves and i am a thick but sexy woman....i definately know how to take care of my man!!! so if you are looking for a fake airhead you are looking in the wrong profile.

..but if you are looking for a thick sexy down to earth woman that knows what shes doing then hey send me a message. if you arent interested in traveling if we are far away then dont waste my time or yours.

...i am willing to travel but i would like the first meeting to be on my turf....i would feel alot safer that way. after that we will talk about me coming to you.

...give and take here guys!! im begining to think this sight is a joke!!!! come on guys treat me the way you want to be treated. if you dont want to talk anymore then be a man and tell me DONT FUCKING IGNORE ME!!! THATS JUST PLAIN RUDE!!!! and a bit childish!!! PLZ DONT WASTE MY TIME WITH YOUR GAMES!!!! Windsor ontario cock sucking club hahaha i dont do s guys!!!!!! IM ABOUT TIRED OF TRUSTING THE GUYS ON HERE!!!!!! I DONT PLAY GAMES!!!

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ILL WILL KEEP IT SIMPLE,, NO CAM GIRLS,, DONT ASK ME TO CONTACT YOU ELSE WHERE AFTER ONE REPLY, THEN YOU ARE FAKE,, DONT ASK ME FORMONEY,, CREDIT CARD,, OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT, IT PROVES,, A YOU DID NOT READ MY PROFILE, B YOUR A LOW LIFE, AND C YOUR A GOLD DIGGER SO GET LOST AND LOOK FOR ANOTHER SUCKER,im single and free and d and d free and so should you or dont bother, we are all here to have fun a great time and maybe who knows what life has in store, i am a little nervous but hey you never know, i will only post a normal pic for your viewing and let ur mind do the rest, i dont feel that posting how endoud or erect my private part can get or look makes sense because then im only thinking like the rest of the losers, with my d_ _ k and in this department it more about what you build inside that make this action the best you have ever known, so in closing good luck and lets talk, hey you never know!! Windsor ontario cock sucking club i am pretty pickie in my selection and i have never settled and im not starting any time soon so i am looking for someone who is fit and takes great care of herself as i do, i mean all aspects, be honest be real be yourself, be clean and you know what i mean, i enjoy life and intend to for a very long time to come, i will not pay for anything period, never had to never will, meaning sex, i am a hot cute guy and have no problems meeting woman im here trying something new and exciting and different to say the least, im single by choice, i am looking for the right person for the right reasons, and for the right reasons only, hey if we click well we will just have to wait and see, till then lets get it on babygirl!!, sorry only woman period!!!

Looking to share love making

We are very handsome and pretty well off couple in excellent medical conditions, looking to explore with a sensual swingers club women sexual fantasies, mutual orgasms are very important, we seek to share the same that we will offerGreat sex, body, sensuality, women who enjoy to be treating as women, and knows how to treat man and women the same way.

We also would like to find someone who likes to enjoy great food and wine,

shy until a few drinks then its on

i am a old fashion guy with women,will not let any man disrespect any when there with me,i have a sensitive side also Windsor ontario cock sucking club looking for a woman who will put out on first date but if we click would like to try and build a relationship

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