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Single, traveling sailor looking for fun on the road.

Im a cryogenics technician in the navy. Born in Indiana and go there often in my car so i spend a lot of time on the road, which i love, so i'll travel just about anywhere to meet somewhere. I love sports and sex.

I like to exercise, read, watch movies, go bowling or play pool and just hanging out. Sorry, not much of a dancer so that is a must for then im not the one. I'm 6 ft tall 207 lbs. I love mix martial arts and plan to join a fight club in Baltimore in about 4 months.

I'm known to be funny and quick witted but at the same time I don't talk constantly, so its cool. Would like to tell you more, so write me.

Check my for more, AshyAngel1. Women looking to fuck in lake tahoe Looking for trust worthy, female, sexual partners for now and again fun, to hang out and party with. Already tried the serious relationship and its not for me at this time.

I'm a passionate sex partner but i never catch feelings so you kinda get the best of both worlds, i like variety in sex and i like to have fun with it. Females know me for sexual prowess, so I can certainly satisfy, not just talking .

So lets have some fun.

Don't be scared of what you don't understand!!

I'm a laid back person... I love enjoying life and having as much fun as I can... I hate drama, liars, and anyone that thinks they are better than anyone just becouse of their looks or money... I'm pretty much up for anything.

.. and I'm a country girl I don't mind getting my hands dirty... but I also like to be pampered... i also have several piercings and tatssomeone laid back enjoy's living life... is up for whatever.

.. not scared to try new things... honisty and respect are a must... tats and piercings a plus

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Women looking to fuck in lake tahoe

i am in search of a pretty lady with flowers in her hair.. down to earth honest respectfull not bi-sexuall and keeps it real.. allways ...i am very down to earth and laid back.. i love flowers and music. kissing in the rain.

.cuddling, watching movies spending time with my baby girl.. i am an exotic dancer and i also pride myself on the fact that i have sex with woman and take money from men and boys all night long at work.

. Women looking to fuck in lake tahoe ask me,,, i dare ya.. lol i guess i need a dominant chic .. but a hippie chic with feeling that isnt affraid to look like a girl and be with a girl.

..i have been alone for awhile now i think i could find an awesome chic some things take time.. so if your a lady no men or couples please..and thanks.. i love vagina..

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Please be patient and read. So we don't waste each others time. Well my LIFE: I am a hard worker who loves his job. Don't make great money but am happy with what I have. Used to do computers but got tired of sitting behind the desk.

Transfered over to doing repair technician. Lame sounding job but I love it and it pays the bills. :) A little knowledge about the reason for loving my job is it keeps my head going and I always have to think.

other than that its a lame job. :) My personality: I wear my heart on my sleeve I am told but I am recently divorced and trying to pick myself up. I don't want a rebound girl and not totally sure I am looking for a serious relationship with marriage potential, but serious and commited is good or just some friends.

I am looking for a commited person who will not cheat on me and get the same in return. Never cheated, just not my style.My Match: As the title says, I would love to meet a girl that likes motorcycles or atleast likes to ride them.

Looking for a riding buddy down the PCH one of these weekends. Don't care if this some one is the life of the party or just a bystander.

But I live with 4 other guys and myself all single so you should know how our weekends are. We are stupid but it is fun. Just kind of looking for someone who enjoys the same things I do and would like to do them with me.

I an honest to a fault so much as I have frequently been called the "A" word but I like to be honest. I am one of those guys that if someones baby is ugly I will say so.

Truthfully after looking back over my profile and being in the typing mood. Between the pictures and the dialog it may sound a little like a waste of your time. But like I said I am honest so here it goes.

I am a 27 year old Native American and German mix, there is other stuff in there but I call myself a Half-breed. I have led quite a strange an interesting life that has provided me the grown-up look at things.

Been married twice and can't really say they were bad things or that I would never marry again. Never broke up for anything bad, just not an easily controlled person. I am looking for someone that is totally commited to me like I am to my partner.

Someone who will have fun with me as well as with my friends. No matter how stupid and childish they may be. Some one that will take the time to understand me and where I am in my head.

Complicated but possible. Someone that will trust me until I give a reason not to. Don't make me pay for your past relationships. It was not my fault. I live life to the fullest and have a blast doing it, tell me I can't do something and next thing you see me doing is that.

I like challanges, I like the small excentricities of life that make it complicated. relationships are the same way, take the punches as they come. Now that I chewed your ear and eyes off writing I am not really s

Tattooed whiteboy

Well i draw a blank when i get to this part. So i am am in the Army and i have been for 9 years, Don't know if i want to stay in yet. I grew-up in MA and have lived in many states and countries since i have been in.

I Have alot of tattoos and plan on getting more. I love to sit and watch movies and go to the movies. I do drink but not that much. I also like to make people laugh, i like to make a ass out of my self sometimes too.

If you want to know more just ask. I am also on Richard Neenan Women looking to fuck in lake tahoe I like girls that have Tattoos, green eyes is a big plus, a girl that is funny and likes to have fun, get dirty.

If you want to know more just ask. And she will want to have sex atleast 3 times a day.

Women looking to fuck in lake tahoe

i'm 5'0 even...i have brown hair hazel eyes. i love anything outdoors, hiking, swimming, atv and dirt bike riding... i just bought a razor about a week ago and that's like the most aweome thing ever... about me again i guess.

i am a straight foward kinda girl, swingers club ill be honest from the start and tell u the truth about everything.... i don't give a rats ass what people think of me, if you don't like me, that that's your loss, but it wont bring me down.

..i guess that's enough for now, you wanna know more just ask!well... im on here to just find friends and maybe someone to call my own, i don't like the nasty talk unless your really hot and or worth my time.

I just am tired of being alone, i'm tired of being used, i just wand an honest man, no drama, leave that for your mama.

... i just want an honest guy that knows how to treat and please a girl right!!!!! I don't like the whole web cam thing so don't bother....well if your interested or just wanna talk just text me, ill text you back, im not a bitch to anyone unless your over 30, then don't bother.

... unless i've asked you to be my friend. here's my number, , and the names Portia or they call me shorty!!!!

Married w/ permission to play...

I am happily married but I am allowed to have fun with other guys. My husband and I also like to do 3somes but he is not bi or bicurious what so ever. Women looking to fuck in lake tahoe We're looking for people who are SERIOUS about having a good time and having discreet no strings attached sex.

If you are interested in chatting or eventually meeting, please include a pic.

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I like sitting at home...I work all the time, and I am currently the Store Manager of McDonalds in Louisiana.I mean besides work all I can do is "GET DAT BREAD".I'm single at the moment,and is one of the nicest, quietist, freakiest person you'll ever meet.

Cause I'm like no other, and NO i am not looking for a man, and I am not trying to see my GOODIES over the net, but anywaya I'm alot of fun, and once you grt to know me, you'll love me.

I can do great things to you , and loves the same in return.But get at me and you can learn some more about me. Women looking to fuck in lake tahoe I mean you'll have to ask me.

.I like different types of s.So you'll never know.I mean I DO GET Down and DIRTY.And that's a good thang when it's cummin' from Teezy......Please hit me up as Teezy.Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

old wife swap fuck photos

Where to start... In admission of the pleasantries, I'll admit it from the start, I can be described as a "techno-junkie" or a "video game geek". I used to be a martial arts instructor (Shotokan) and have been actively studying it nearly since birth lol.

I'm a Nidan (2nd degree black belt), am a member of SKIF, and have been instructing for 6 years and practiced for 18 - hopefully that'll imply I have relevant dedication towards my interests and desires in some plethagoric meaningful sense.

Also, I am what some would call a "biker"... but sport bikes, NOT HOGS lol, I have nothing against Harley riders, but they are just not really my schtick.

I stunt quite often and have been called crazy for it more times than there are numerals. My musical interests sway towards metal and techno (I'm a sport biker -obvious right?), but I swingers club also like many other genres of "audible sonic entertainment".

I have 7 tattoos, all of which I drew myself- -I have always had a pention for art and such and I also have recorded a few songs of my own. And the explanation for resigning myself to the "Other" category in the profession box is because there wasn't exactly a listed profession in the drop down menu that would aptly and correctly describe my employment endeavors.

Long story short, I am a bodyguard, and no I'm not joking lol. Feel free to ask about anything that ignites your investigatory insights in my direction if I have hopefully struck your fancy.

If there are any other inquisitions, please feel free to ask. These elements of my personality and being are but merely the tip of the iceburg, and I emplore you to pursue your imposition of vestigial curiosity.

In the broad assumption that this is a description of the type of person I am seeking, thats where things get a little complicated I'm afraid.

And as any movie buff will tell you, if you know everything about the movie before you go to see it then there is no surprise! Basically I am trying to say "Ask and you'll find out." in a flashy over-written way.

old wife swap fuck photos

soy muy sexi me gusta ase el amor co pasion me gustra di frutal todo lo que sea locura pk Women looking to fuck in lake tahoe hola mi numero es ok alberto cuba

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