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Hi there I would like to get to know you

Ho there, how are you?Just online trying to see what is out there.I really Erotic profiles from barstow calif like meeting new people!


I'm kind of a loner, not by choice but circumstance. I'd been stuck in Germany with my parents for about 5 years (I'm a military brat), and I had been living in Leavenworth for a year up until January '08, working at gettin' the fark out of my parent's house (with success~).

I live in a 2 bed 1 bath apartment right outside the Kansas City area, not too far from KCK and Legends, if you know where that is. I love computers, gaming, and anime, and love to geek about about , but at the same time I do try to maintain a decent connection with reality, and would like to get out more and just hang out in my spare time.

I'm also a big audiophile (I love my music waaay too much), with most of my music ranging from no-wave post-punk 90's shoegaze rock to atmospheric electronica and industrial. (I'm a big fan of walls of sound in songs, especially when they're well-placed third-chords and tritones~) I also play bass and guitar in my spare time, and I often find myself hanging out with my friends, playing PC games, jamming and doing random crap.

What I'm basically looking for is someone to spend my quality time with, who's willing to be at least physically intimate. I don't have many friends here that I can reasonably see often, so I usually find myself alone and bored.

I'd like to have someone to talk to and hang out with, who can put up with my geekiness, can follow my often erratic and insane logic, can enjoy similar tastes in music, and can at least give a reason to get the hell up in the morning.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a relationship; I know better from experience to just jump into something like that, but some level of openness to physical intimacy would be a huge plus, even if you just want to keep it as friends with benefits.

If you're interested, lemme know, I'm almost always available online in some way, or on my cell. Just gimme a wink or an email, and I'll let ya know how to reach me~

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Michigan here i cum, HOME,SWEET HOME, Home cumming Queen Erotic profiles from barstow calif

HELLO ANGEL, Thanks for stopping by. I'm a former model and a native of michigan, i relocated and continued my modeling career. I'm now into radio broadcasing, I love my music & people, unless your controlling & then I already have one foot out the door!!! See Ya! I was hoping to acompany a woman, it's a passion driven within, looking for someone as passionate and romantic as myself, someone to take photo's with and videos, not camera shy.

Someone sexual and not afraid to let go and be ones own self with confidence. I ((( LOVE ))) MEN !!!!! A man has and will always be a priorty in my life.

I love to envelope a man in deep passionate oral and erotic love making!!!!! I'm a gourmet cook, another strong passion of my spirit. I think the turn on and what I find most attractive in my life is someone with an easy side and a fantastic sense of humor! A Big kick recently was going to Victoria Secrets and the sales lady came to me and out of know where, she whips a measuring tape and tells me I'm a 38DD, well nothing like carrying bowling balls around, lol! As far as TV or Movies I like the news and staying upto date is important to me, Blue Collar TV.

, Dog The the bounty hunter! I'm a big footbal fan! As far as baseball goes...GO! TIGERS! I'm An Angel In Search Of My Arch Angel..........Spread Your Wings And Let's Fly to Eastay! Love, YOUR HOT_WET_HONEY 4U !!!!!! Erotic profiles from barstow calif A SENSOUS MAN AND OR WOMAN! WITH THE SAME TASTES AS MYSELF!

Do you think you have that what is going to stils my hunger???

Ik hou er wel van om lekker te gaan stappen, of gezellig een filmpie te pakken.ben zelf 26j en woon nu sinds een 8 maanden lekekr gezellig met mijn kater alleen.miss ben jij wel die vrouw die ons 's avonds gezelschap komt houden.

vraag niet veel van een vrouw er zijn gewoon wat dingen die vindt ik die zou iedere vrouw moeten hebben.Waardeer je zelf , ben eerlijk, en ben geen ja knikker maar zeg gewoon waar het op staat.

KUn jij je hier ook in vinden en spreek dit je aan stuur gerust een e-mail en wie weet spreken we elkaar snel eens op msn.(e-mail met foto altijd reactie).

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Im' a hard working career oriented person. I enjoy traveling, movies, dinning out. i also enjoy spending time with my boo.I am currently single but hoping to find someone special to share my wonderful life with.

Erotic profiles from barstow calif Im' looking for a sexy lady. One that is pettite with curves. Slim waiste, cute face. Someone who likes to be affectionate and spend quality time together.

Erotic profiles from barstow calif

well i am an out going person who loves the outdoors. i spend as much time outside as i can. i love going to the mountains... nothing is better then sitting swingers club in a hot tube when the snow is falling all around you.

i love spending as much time up there as i can. if anyone is down for some skinny dippin let me knowi am looking for a girl or girls who like to have fun.

.. go to clubs go dancing drinking or just do whatever... you need to be in shape. i dont dig smokers but to each her own... anything else is fair game

I love sex and need it everyday I would like to find someone to keep it interesting

I am a Single /mups/007/at/sbc/global/dot/net/surfer musician type artist with a technical degree and an interest in physics. I have no kids and a pretty good life but no one who fulfills me. Think you could? Erotic profiles from barstow calif I want a girl who is fit/healthy/cute/fun/informed and wants me as much as I want her.

Ladies I know it is fashionable today to have a man younger than you (Thanks Demi) but I want that too so If you are not at least 10 years my younger I will not respond, Sorry and good luck on your adventures.

Minnesota lonely

Im from northern Minnesota. Im looking for a honest guy. One that enjoys children and likes me for me. My children are my world and I would want the guy to understand that. I also like to snuggle (not sex).

I love to communicate which is Erotic profiles from barstow calif the foundation of a relationship. Without a soild foundation there is nothing

seeking a sexxy girl for pleasure

i am a hard worker by day, rapper/musician by nite! im laid back and like to have fun / I walk on crutches because i was born having trouble walking, but I do allright... swingers club I am a college graduate who is sincere and honest.

I have been working really hard in the gym and would like to get real wild with a fyne ass grrl!i am in to really nice bodies and legs. I cant help myself around a nice pair of legs.

.. a girl that really gets into sexx is the ultimate turn on... you know who you are// i am looking for a that is on fire!!

old wife swap fuck photos

Please don't ask me to go to another site. I already belong to more than I can keep up with. I love fast boats and loud motorcycles. Fast and loud woman are cool too. I live life to the fullest. Erotic profiles from barstow calif I am up for just about anything.

From coffee and Starbucks the coffee the next morning. I've had the young girls contact me and thankyou but the reality is I am a 40 year old fat guy and I aint rich.

I am in the middle of a divorce. Just looking to date again, It's been awhile.

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